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107,000,000,000 - what does this number signify?

Posted: Tue, February 12, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

by David Kekich

Dear Future Centenarian,

What do you think this number signifies?

The dollars spent in the US on healthcare in a month? No. We actually spend twice that amount each month on a broken healthcare system.

How about the amount we think it might take to “cure” aging? Nope. We calculate we can do it for less than $5 billion.

The number of times the average human heart beats in a lifetime? Not even close. But we’re working on it.

The answer is…

Tom Feltenstein says anthropologists tell us a hundred and seven billion people were born in all of our history.

One hundred billion humans already lived and died.

Do you know how special you are? You have a unique opportunity. You have a chance for open-ended youthful life. They don’t. One hundred billion hearts have beaten and stopped. Seven billion beat today. Think of the diversity. A hundred and seven billion people, no two quite the same. For most, their lives’ chapters have closed.

But for the seven billion of us who are still here, it’s our opportunity. It’s our turn to laugh and cry, our turn to love and be loved, our turn to dream and to make those dreams come true, our chance to keep sharing our diversity with the world—possibly for much longer than any of those 100 billion ever imagined.

The chance to have the opportunity we have now, to have it and squander it, is beyond tragic.

This is an extraordinarily unique, precious, and rare opening. And it’s yours. This is your life we’re talking about. And you can do anything you’d like with the rest of it, including energizing and extending it.

You have that power. And the good news—the phenomenally good news—is that when it comes to manifesting change, it’s easier and more timely than most think.

More Life,

David Kekich

This essay was first posted at MaximumLifeFoundation HERE  


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