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Posted: Tue, March 12, 2013 | By: Authors

Alex Lightman has 25 years of management and social innovation experience and 15 years of chairman and chief executive experience. Award-winning inventor with multiple US patents issued or pending and author of over one million published words, including the first book on 4G wireless, and over 150 articles in major publications. Chaired and organized 17 international conferences with engineers, scientists, and government officials since 2002 with intention of achieving policy breakthroughs related to innovation. World-class innovator and recipient of the first Economist magazine Readers’ Choice Award for « The Innovation that will Most Radically Change the World over the Decade 2010 to 2020 » (awarded Oct. 21, 2010, out of 4,000 initial suggestions and votes over 5 months from 200 countries, and from 32 judges). Recipient (post-humous) of the 2nd Reader’s Award (announced 10/21/2011 was Steve Jobs). Winner of the only SGI Internet 3D contest (both Entertainment and Grand Prize) out of 800 contestants.


Currently completing national innovation plan for the US White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy, entitled The Acceleration of American Innovation.


Social innovation work includes repeatedly putting almost unknown technologies and innovation-accelerating policies that can leverage the abilities of humanity into the mainstream of media, business, government, foundations, and standards bodies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, Internet Protocol version 6, and 4G wireless broadband, open spectrum, technology transfer to developing countries, unified standards, crowd-sourcing, and collective intelligence, via over 40 US government agencies, over 40 national governments, and via international entities including the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


Political credentials including work for US Senator Paul E. Tsongas (D-MA) and on several state campaigns and US presidential campaigns for Democratic candidates (Gary Hart, Richard Gephardt), presentations to the United Nations, and advisory services to the governments of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Japan, China, Korea and India, as well as to the US Congress, the White House (viaOffice of Management and Budget), the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the DefenseInformation Systems Agency, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Trained as an engineer at MIT and as a prospective diplomat and policy analyst at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.




Winner, The Economist Magazine, First Reader’s Choice Award for “Innovationthat will most impact the next decade”, for 4G Networks. Awards, announced in London, Oct. 21, 2010

PRISM (PR) prize, Consumer Products, and Shandwick, Wearable Computer fashion show

Winner of SGI Virtual Reality Modeling Language Competition Grand Prize, All Categories, 1998

Winner of SGI Virtual Reality Competition, Entertainment Category, 1998

Chosen as one of the “Top Ten CEOs of the Future”, Chief Executive magazine’s 20th anniversary, 1998

Winner of Johnson Foundation Prize as (one of ten) “America’s Most Innovative Educator”, 1992



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