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Ask the aged if they suffer

Posted: Sat, July 27, 2013 | By: MILE

Aging is burning us alive from the inside out. The price of stopping it is not too high. If you doubt it, ask the 36,500,000+ people that are living in the fires of aging, getting set to die in this next year. That’s an astonishing 100,000 every single day until the war on aging is won. 

Ask the Hospice patients across the world, desperately trying to hold onto the homes they built around themselves, watching strangers flood into their personal worlds like medics coming to the aid of the bomb torn lives in battle. Ask them whether great sacrifice for this cause is worth it. 

Ask the cancer patients among them that are dissolving away on the inside, wracking in pain, sweating in the empty, many times compassionless nursing rooms, which often times may as well be caves in a woods. As many of us have, I’ve watched my relatives in the final stages of disintegration in nursing homes and hospitals, in the moments before their pain riddled bodies disappeared like poofs of smoke. I remember wondering how desperate the cries for help inside my dying uncles head must have been as he laid there going through shock, as cancer continued to eat away his bones.

Have discussions with aged heart disease victims, in their 80s and 90s, going under the knives, through the horrifying procedure of having their ribs sawed and cracked open, long arteries cut from their arms and legs and wrapped around their hearts with grotesque patchwork so that they may live in ever increasing enfeeblement, while they contemplate their severely deteriorated states as they wait in the flames of aging for imminent death. My grandfather went through this. You can see the sad, humbling realization of mortality painted across his now seemingly permanently downcast brow. What pain… What horror…

Ask those dreamers whose joys and aspirations have been stopped short and met with their new hospital death beds. Ask them what they say. Maybe we can even help them throw out their collections, their writings, all of their ongoing projects and goals, their life’s work and all of their mementos and scrap books while we’re there. We could meditate with them about the ending of their dreams, and ask them if they want to visualize symbolically stomping them out.  

Talk to those families who are being strangled by the reality of being forced to come to terms with the eternal obliteration of people they depend on to voyage through this mysterious, challenging life with. 

Find any of these vibrant spirits; these colorful, pricelessly unique insights of history, that are having their hard earned, original volumes ripped from their shelves, burned and buried, lost forever until the end of time, and see what they have to say. 

Ask them what sacrifices are enough. 

A walk through any of the many thousands of nursing homes around the world will help you understand how urgent this is.

To quote Felicia Nimue Ackerman, a professor of philosophy at Brown University, who did a study on this, “The blanket presumption that the latter states [of poverty, pain, ill health] bring ‘misery’ that is worse than death is disrespectful to those who, having experienced them, disagree.” 

The movement for indefinite life extension cannot be impeded by the faint of heart, by those who would make excuses, and those who would put their own, limited, selfish interests above those of the continuation of the world as a whole, into the breathtaking, deep future. The world is being tortured in a device that is on a timer. How sadistic, how bitterly cold and viciously cruel. We must get out, and we can if we work together. 

This is not even that big of a challenge in the grand scheme of things. Step one is: inform the world about all the organizations and projects working toward the goal of indefinite life extension. Its not hard at all. All you have to do is “like” the Movement for Indefinite Life Extension page and share stuff that you may find interesting, as you see it come through your facebook news feed. Let people know that science knows how to work on this kind of stuff, that research can figure out how to stop diseases. There are a variety of diseases we don’t have around any more and have cured. Some diseases have already been cured through genetic recombination. Technology keeps adding more powerful tools, and more tools to the mix. We don’t have to stand for involuntary death anymore. We have the means to defend ourselves now. 

We’re begging you to stay. The universe and all of existence is a big, incredible mysterious place that we hardly know anything about. All of humanity’s combined experience with it to date is equivalent to not even having taken it out of the box yet. Let’s stop death. Altogether, we can do it. 

Indefinite life extensionists know this. They are all around you, they are in your communities. They lead you to understanding of the cause; follow them and then you’ll know how to guide the way too. The torture and the opportunity cost is far, far too much to bear. It’s too much to bear for those going through it and it’s too much to bear for us to face it. And face it, we are all cruising to our death beds very quickly. 

To take on a threat, people can’t pretend it doesn’t exist and sweep it under the rug. We have to think about it, even when its painful and hard. Our bodies are designed to fight off threats, but not when we don’t acknowledge them. Instead of letting that horror debilitate you, instead of shutting it out, let it in and let it charge you to action. Rest assured that as you march, growing crowds of people that are also sick to death of this terrible fortune, are marching along with you. 


Profoundly moving yet sadly true.

By Tom Mooney on Jul 28, 2013 at 12:35pm

You painted a very good picture of reality.

By Tom Mooney on Jul 28, 2013 at 12:52pm

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