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Astragalus: is this ancient Chinese herb the Telomere-Enabler of the Future?

Posted: Thu, April 11, 2013 | By: Anti-Aging / Supplements

by Jonathan Bechtel 

Astragalus is a class of herbs found in northern Asia that’s been used to treat fatigue and sickness for thousands of years.

Some of the plant constituents have shown to be so potent that they’re now being used as the basis for different drugs to treat cancer, fatigue, and subdue ulcers, among other things.

(this essay was originally posted at Health Kismet, HERE)

The Health Benefits of Astragalus

Astragalus seems to work its magic through the following mechanisms:

These three properties are very unique to astragalus, and are one of the reasons its such a wonderful medicinal herb.

  • It causes your body to produce more telomeres, a part of your DNA that protects chromosomes from degradation
  • It contains a unique class of polysaccharides which are very biologically active

  • It improves the rate of replication of immune cells called macrophages

It’s health properties are so unique that isolated compounds from its polysaccharides are being used as the basis for billion dollar pharmaceutical drugs being used to treat some of mankind’s most daunting health problems.

It’s also one of the reasons holistic wellness should precede medicine.

How Astragalus Stops Aging

Astragalus is uniquely healthy for your cellular health because of its ability to protect your body’s telomeres from degradation.

Telomeres are small pieces of DNA located at the edge of your chromosomes.  When your cells replicate telomeres help prevent your DNA from unraveling and keep it locked into place. They serve a similar function as the plastic caps on the edges of your shoelace.

Whenever your cells replicate telomeres shorten a wee bit.  After so many replications the stubby telomeres reach a critical point where they’re no longer usable and cells begin their programmed death, a process called “apoptosis.”

The gradual shortening of telomeres is an important component of ageing and different types of cancer.

Astragalus causes your body to increase its production of a substance called “telomerase”, which is an enzyme that enables the production of more telomeres. In clinical studies mice treated with extracts of astragalus root had telomeres that were longer and degraded more slowly than a control group.

What’s more impressive is that despite these remarkable effects on cellular health there’s apparently no toxicity from astragalus if taken at reasonable dosages.

Astragalus Helps Improve Sickness and Heal Wounds

As stated before, astragalus contains some polysaccharides which are just darn unique.

The most notable compounds are called formononetin, calycosin and astragaloside IV, and seem to do the following things in your body:

Because of this astragalus is fairly robust at healing sickness.  It’s been used to treat ulcers, swollen wounds, reduce hemorrhaging, and serve as a complimentary input to cancer treatments.

  • Reduces the amount of nitric oxide released from cells, which reduces inflammation
  • Causes certain genes and metabolic pathways to be shutdown which would otherwise cause blood and chemicals to flow to wounds



  • Activates other genes and pathways which activates different immune cells

One of my favorite studies on astragalus was published recently in the journal Clinical Investigative Medicine, and it studied the ability of astragalus to reduce fatigue in cancer patients with very developed cases.

The patients were treated with a purified extract of Astragalus membranaceous in two 1 month cycles. After the first month 82% of patients reported feeling better and more energetic, and the following month 71% of the remaining group reported better feelings of energy, vitality, and youth.

The study was a double-blind placebo controlled study and fairly high quality.

Astragalus is Good For Diabetics

Astragalus seems to be a decent food for diabetics. For a reson that’s not entirely clear patients who take astragalus exhibit better blood sugar control.

The different polysaccharides protect against radical scavengers, and the benefits astragalus provides to cellular health seem to carry over in its ability to metabolize different nutrients.

Astragalus Supplements, Dosages, and Side Effects

One of the benefits of astragalus is that despite its potent behavior within the body it seems to be benign at almost all doses. As far as I know there are no cases where astragalus caused harmful side effects in patients.

When you buy astragalus at the store you’ll want to buy Astragalus Membranaceous , as it’s the form most studied and easily consumed by humans.

You can either buy astragalus membranaceous in its root form or as an extract.  Astragalus supplements typically come in powdered form, but it’s also  available in capsules.

With most supplements the amount of astragalus contained will be between 250-1000mg, and as far as I know this is fine.  Only if you’re taking significantly more than this or taking several doses a day should you exercise caution.

It’s also possible that at very high dosages astragalus might suppress your immune system, and taking it with immune-stimulating drugs might cause side effects.

Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about this.

Who Should Take An Astragalus Supplement?

Because of its widespread health benefits and benign nature, most people would benefit from having some astragalus in their diet.

However, due to its unique properties astragalus probably provides the most help to the following people:

Of course, if you have specific questions about a condition you should consult your doctor or licensed medical professional. This is not specific medical advice.







  • elderly people looking for a non-invasive way to fight the vagaries of old age

  • people looking to reduce fatigue or reduce the collateral damage from severe chemotherapy or drug treatments

  • anyone with a brittle immune system that’s sensitive to over the counter medication

  • people looking for a natural/homeopathic way to help control blood sugar


Astragalus is a pretty bodaceous herb. There are a large amount of studies that verify its health benefits, and the fact that it’s the subject of mimicry in pharmaceuticals alludes to its medicinal potency.


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(this essay was originally posted at Health Kismet, HERE)

Jonathan Bechtel is health enthusiast and the founder of Health Kismet, a nutritional supplement company that manufactures Incredible Greens, a green superfood powder that can be drank on its own or mixed into other foods. Find him on Google+.

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The real question that AFAIK has not been answered is whether this is a good thing. Could one of the side effects of preventing telomeres shortening be an increase in cancer?

By Dirk Bruere on Apr 11, 2013 at 9:00am

Great article, Thanks for sharing.

Not meaning to quibble, but I question to use of the descriptor ’ homeopathic’ as in (water diluted down to nothing), as equivocal to herbal extracts that contain active compounds.

By Robert on Apr 13, 2013 at 5:49pm

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