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Contribute while you can: Last Generation To Die Film - funding drive ends Monday Oct 7

Posted: Wed, October 02, 2013 | By: Events

​Please consider donating to the making of filmmaker Tim Maupins short film The Last Generation To Die. The better it does, the more acclaim it can receive, and the more acclaim it receives, the more people the message of life extension can get through to.

This is a direct way to contribute to this cause. It’s a potent advocacy project that you can support with just a few dollars. I would rather see 1,000 donations of $10 than ten donations of $1,000, so don’t worry about giving because you may not have very much. Their incentives for levels of donation are excellent for those that have more to give too.

If it does well, somebody might join up with this accomplished crew to turn it into a movie, and the sky is the limit from there. Maybe they create the next “Matrix” sized production. You never know. Do you really want to take that chance? Do you really want this film to be less than it could be? The cause could be hitting theaters in a year or two, but the ghost of the would-be full movie might present itself instead and die as a lost opportunity on the floor of our imaginations.

That is what might happen if we don’t perk up a bit here, give a few dollars, and spread the word a few times.

There aren’t many movies with a positive twist on living longer. This affects the psych of people. Are you going to stand for that? Are you going to leave the field of movies so biased against your survival? People actually quote the conclusions of movies that portray indefinite life extension in a bad light as reasons why they don’t support your survival. I’ve heard people try to sound clever by announcing that they can’t support this cause because of the moral of the story in Tuck Everlasting, many multiple times. I’ve heard people deny the value in supporting continued survival long into the future because of the ending in the movie the Fountain. Soylent Green is a concept that many people humor might be a legitimate reason to condemn themselves and every future generation to a 125 year cage in an infinite wonderland universe of mystery and imagination.

Let’s give them more realistic movies to contemplate, and have as a tool to rebut those that don’t support indefinite life extension yet, who are all around them. If you’ve got some money to donate, consider posting it as a matching offer before you do. You could announce on your Facebook page or your website, for example that “I will donate $100 to this important film project that helps get more people thinking about the prospects and concepts involved in indefinite life extension if 2 other people agree to match me $100 dollars here. The fund drive is slated to end Monday, October 7th..”

Step up, this is your life, and the countdown timer to your as-of-yet inevitable death, is serious. When it reaches the end, you will die if you don’t do something about it. Show leadership on this issue to the people around you by stopping to donate a few dollars.





“This project will be funded on Monday Oct 7, 8:00pm EDT.”


The Following is: The Last Generation To Die - Stretch Goal! by Tim Maupin



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