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Cryonics Conference in Laughlin Nevada in a few weeks

Posted: Tue, October 15, 2013 | By: Events

It was said: “In Cryonics we usually have at least one conference a year; one will occur in a few weeks. These conferences are not scientific but promotional.” “Cryobiology has always been our nemesis but we need them more than they need us. I recommend strongly that we try to make our meetings more scientific.”

The CRYONICS CONFERENCE in Laughlin Nevada in a few weeks will have important scientific presentations and other presentations rounding out what people need to know to increase their total odds of survival through cryopreservation and other latest advancements in science. 

There will be five Scientific presentations by leading experts in cryonics or related fields:

Fri eve = Special Event on Exciting, confidential research results presentation of great significance for cryonicists.

(this event is for signed-up cryonicists only and no press, media or writers are allowed)

Fri eve = A biologist’s view on why cryonics is feasible. (in our opinion, perhaps the leading biologist) 

Sat 10am = An overview of the techniques and technologies to treat cryonics patients and others in critical medical conditions.

Sat 11am = A summarization of research at one facility that conducts (neural) cryobiology and aging research.

Also there will be reports on the latest progress at Cryonics Institute and Alcor.

On Sunday morning, there will be a group discussion where attendees, many who are knowledgeable in cryonics can give their ideas on how to make cryonics better.

Besides these latest scientific presentations (above) there are presentations on securing your assets for Post-Resuscitation; presentations on parts of cryonics history and plans for the future; presentations on how to make cryonics suspension funding affordable through insurance; presentations on how to make cryonics more understandable and acceptable to the general public and have information presented accurately; a report on how current representation in the media and popular perception is, and the best path forward. (these last two are important because as cryonics is better understood more people will opt for it and that will bring more resources to fund more research and other needed advancements). There are several other presentations about the general aspects of cryonics. This convention also will have an exhibition area where cryonicists can present their papers (for free handout) about research ideas and proposals, or other advancements, can sell things like books or cryonics items, and present other things of interest to cryonicists. 

There are also two buffet lunches and two buffet dinner parties with time and opportunity for cryonicists, transhumanists and extreme Life Extentionists to meet other like-minded futurists, to exchange ideas, make friends and working agreements.

If anyone is serious about trying to survive death by getting to the future, they need to attend this convention. People leaving this convention will go away with a better understanding of the present evidence on why cryonics can work and might to get them to the future where humans may be able to have indefinite life spans. 

For registration info or other info on the conference, please go to now.



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