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Days of Life app for immortalists - counter for the days you have left to live

Posted: Fri, November 01, 2013 | By: Technology

Indefinite extension supporter JD Gauchat recently published a small app that counts the days you have left to live. It’s for Apple devices and specially designed for Immortalists and Indefinite Life Extensionists There are a few free download coupons remaining, for the next few days. If you are interested and have an Apple device then request one at

The app was created after watching an interview with Leonard Nimoy in which he mentioned that he is counting the days he has left to live with a digital counter. He said that it keeps him working and that he uses it as an incentive to work harder and finish his projects. Some life extensionists already use it to count the days. 

From the app page: 

Days of Life is a counter for the days you have left to live. The application helps you determine the appropriate life expectancy for you and shows you a counter with the number of days and also a pie chart representing the days you have lived and the days you have left.

Days of Life is a motivational app, developed with the purpose of inciting you to work harder, finish your projects or just enjoy life. It is also meant to be used by Life Extensionists and Immortalists for motivation to pursue and achieve their goals.

This app does not calculate the day you will die; it just shows you how many days you have left to live according to the day you were born and your life expectancy.

The app sends notifications to report the current state of the counter every day, week or month, and also allows you to post and share the counter with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Many entrepreneurs have achieved success after recognizing that life is short and every minute counts. Use this app every day for motivation and to set short and long term goals.

I already countdown the days of my life in a similar way, in a lifetime calendar, condensed into 4 pages taped end to end. I encourage keeping track of the big picture of a lifetime to anybody. It is a serious matter that many people often find themselves wasting 5 years here and there, or a decade or two. Keeping the big picture of our lifetime scale in mind can help us all get a better grip on this flash in the pan of existence that we each know as our individual lives. 

Buy one of these Days of Life apps, try it out, post a link. It supports a life extension activist, JD, and thereby the cause, in the process.


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