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Directors cut of Radical Life Extension 2013 D.C. event

Posted: Wed, November 20, 2013 | By: Events

Radical Life Extension Conference (D.C.) 2013 has a director’s cut of the event available. There are many presenters on a variety of interesting topics, with good statistics, insights and questions. Topics provided a mix of good details without getting too technical for the broader audience. 

You can get a copy and help to raise money for life extension research by purchasing the Director’s Cut edition of the Radical Life Extension Conference 2013. Of the purchase price, 10% will go to help My Help and My Help partners raise money for life extension research.

At the event: 

  • Antonei Csoka gave a talk about indefinite life Extension in a Cosmic Perspective.
  • Apneet Jolly spoke on how to maintain a life extensionist lifestyle, and what excessive and dietary choices have been shows to extend life. He highlighted the importance of the quantified self movement in extending one’s life via lifestyle modification.
  • Franco Cortese highlighted the need to address the common criticisms holding back widespread support for life extension, and the importance of social advocacy and political lobbying for federal funding and conducive legislation. 
  • Gray Scott’s talk was on the relation of life-extension to philosopher Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Hypothesis. That is, the premise that future beings are very likely to create ancestor simulations, and if two ancestor simulations is twice as many people than has ever existed up until that point, and most future beings create ancestor simulations, then statistically speaking, if those premises are true, it’s more likely we’re in one of the many ancestor simulations rather than in the one single physical lineage all those are based upon.
  • Gabriel Rothblatt brought more good insight on the politics of life extension. 
  • Jennifer Huse talked about her experience in the holistic rehabilitation field and the relationship between inflammation and aging.
  • Josh Mitteldorf gave a summary of his theory on how biological death is necessary for stable ecosystems. 
  • Maitreya One spoke on how social advocacy for life extension can be an uplifting and purpose-giving, fulfillment-generating force in the projects.
  • Mark Waser’s presentation was about the feasibility and morality of life-extension, and the importance of making a good case for the cause.  
  • Tom Mooney spoke about how we are at the beginning of a long educational campaign on life-extension science, ethics and politics. He gave a good summary of recent Pew Poll longevity results. 

You can take control of the Radical Life Extension Conference in the Director’s Cut DVD. Order a small box of them to give to people. Now you can watch it with your friends, select your speaker, watch extras, and know that as you do you will fund research that could help you live indefinitely into the grand future.

Paul Victor Vazquez of MyHelp, Singularity Network, among other places, was there with Hank Pellissier working with direction and production. 

There is an interview with Paul going over the conference and directors cut on The World Transformed at Blog Talk Radio, here: 

At one point in the interview, Paul says,  

The biggest problem was the lack of time. The speakers had so much to share and their topics were so good. They were like a juicy apple, you got one bite and that was it.

The director’s cut DVD contains footage that won’t be released more widely in Youtube and elsewhere. Approved marketers can get 10% of the sale as a commission. Sign up to help spread the cause via this video, or get a copy while you can


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