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Don’t leave yourself behind

Posted: Fri, May 23, 2014 | By: Culture

Job demand is moving to the innovative, creative, progressive sectors. Farms and factories are coming down, and server farms and machines that rake in the food, make it and serve it up are going up. These new abilities release us into the next levels of frontiers, and the frontiers are big and booming.

Now people have more time for things like working with the movement for indefinite life extension, going into research, going to school for rocketry to work with places like Space X, buying 3D printers, and buying form casting machines and other tools of invention to try things out with. Now is the time to turn up the critical thinking classes in schools. There is a world of people fresh off the grunt labor train, just dying for some meaning to be pumped into their lives, reading up on nanotechnology, signing up for cryonics, exploring new historical or literary angles in book projects, joining in and lending a hand as an administrator or a general supporter of atheist projects, petitioning to help get another Large Hadron Collider built, getting into politics and onto county boards and committees, and things like that.

Get on the board down at your local aging council and advocate for indefinite life extension. Help get more futurist books into all elementary schools in your state. Get involved with helping convert to what seems to be a future of virtually free energy; that would unlock some glorious new realms of freedom. 

There are a lot of things that we as a unified people of cosmic explorers can do to help advance our common mission. Now is the time to do it. It’s up to us to make it happen. These are among the duties imposed on humanity as the only known beings that can contemplate and shape these seemingly infinitely mysterious elements. 

We switched from hunter gatherer to agriculture, from agriculture we moved into the industrial era. From there we went into the technology era, and through things like the communications revolution and others. The transition to the transhuman era is underway. Those who can adapt will survive so that humanity is better adapted to suit these new environments. 

Bring yourself to want the future and indefinite life extension. Let your mind begin to adapt lest you leave yourself behind.

By Eric Schulke


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