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Posted: Mon, August 23, 2010 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

This is a draft and is not yet published. 

Longecity Take Action: Contribution Opportunities - Volunteer - Projects - Teams - Careers - Students - Tasks - Research - Activism - Advocacy

Look through the list of ways to contribute below and pick something that interests you. 

If you would like assistance finding something to do that fits your schedule, aptitude and interest then choose one or more items in the Longecity Take Action Poll and the Teams Coordinator will contact you to go over options. 

Action Section. Full list of current action items: 

Have you got half a minute?

Longecity Take Action: Contribution Opportunities - Volunteer - Projects - Teams - Careers - Students - Tasks - Research - Activism - Advocacy

Look through the list of ways to contribute below and pick something that interests you. 

If you would like assistance finding something to do that fits your schedule, aptitude and interest then choose one or more items in the Longecity Take Action Poll and the Teams Coordinator will contact you to go over options. 

Action Section. Full list of current action items: 

Have you got half a minute?

Projects and Teams Section

Do you want to dedicate a lifetime to the cause?

Do you want to get involved with Longecity management?

Do you want to get involved with the Longecity Science Initiative?

You can Volunteer with affiliate organizations.

Longecity Volunteers are eligible to receive points which can be redeemed in the Longecity points store.


Why does volunteering make a difference? Read here: volunteering makes a difference.

  • Look through the careers section.
  • You can sign up for Cryonics. Cryonics is like a lifetime dedication, and technically the first experimental indefinite life extension therapy that you can take.



From SENS Foundations take action page:


Volunteer Opportunities

SENS Research Foundation is always looking for capable individuals to help us pursue our mission.

All applications for volunteer positions are handled centrally: this allows us to keep your details on file so that, even if our immediate volunteer requirements have been fulfilled, we can match available resources to our changing needs. If you wish to apply for a volunteer position, please contact us. You should include a CV, and give a brief description of your skills, how you think they might be best used, and how much time you can contribute.

If you are looking for a role with our student program, SRF Education, please apply through the SRF Education pages.

If you are applying for a role with our Research Center, please read the jobs page for details on any openings we might have.

In addition to these specific areas, we’re always interested in hearing from people with any and all skills and available time. This includes:

  • Software Engineers and Web Designers - PHP/MySQL/Drupal experience very much appreciated.
  • Graphic Artists and Copywriters - for designing brochures and other marketing materials.
  • Fundraisers - although obvious, it bears mentioning that our work requires financial resources.
  • Public Relations and Marketing Specialists - galvanizing the public through raising awareness of our efforts is likely the most important part of the job ahead.

    There are, of course, a number of other ways to help SENS Research Foundation in the execution of its mission. If you would like to discuss the possibilities, please feel free to contact us.

    From Methuselah Foundations volunteer page: 



    People see the dysfunction that accompanies aging as inevitable. This is totally understandable since millennia of biological and social evolution have programmed us to believe that resistance is pointless, struggle though we must. 

    The volunteers of the Methuselah Foundation do not accept the aging process as a fait accompli. We are aware of the advances being made everyday in the study of aging and realise that the extension of the healthy human lifespan and elimination of the suffering due to aging is within the power of humanity to realize if we so wish it. 

    The volunteers of the Methuselah Foundation wish it. 

    We believe that the pursuit of the elimination of age-related disease and suffering is one of the greatest gifts that we can give. 

    Do you believe in the possibility of controlling aging? Do you feel that you would like to add your pebble to a growing landslide that is sure to bury an old enemy of health and life? 

    We can always use willing and able individuals for the tremendous number of opportunities available in promoting awareness of the near term potential of real science based anti-aging interventions. 

    Although any and all skills and time you are willing to donate will be put to use, we have special need of: 

    1. Software Engineers and Web Designers - PHP/MySQL experience very much appreciated
    2. Graphic Artists and Copywriters - for designing brochures and other marketing materials
    3. Fundraisers - although obvious, it bears mentioning that our goal is going to require financial resources
    4. Public Relations and Marketing Specialists - galvanizing the public through raising awareness of our efforts is likely the most important part of the job ahead
    If you have any of the skills above or others that you would like to apply to the creation of world where “getting old” doesn’t mean “getting sick,” please let us know. Please include a CV, and in your covering email sketch out the skills you have that you think could best be used for the mission, and an idea of how much time you can contribute.

    From the Campaign Against Aging page: 

    Take Action


    There are many ways you can take action in the fight against aging. You can:

    Join Our Community


    Donate money so we can continue our work. If a particular project we are working on or have planned interests you, you can donate directly toward that project by telling us where you want your donation to go in the comments section just before you send your donation. If you do not specify a particular project, your donation will go into our general fund which we use to support our projects as needed. Currently, the CAA has no paid staff. We also have a page that lists our donations and expenses.

    NOTE: We are awaiting nonprofit status with the state of California (to confirm, type “Campaign Against Aging” in the “Organization Name” search field at the state’sRegistry of Charitable Trusts) and in the process of applying for federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.

    The fees associated with applying for nonprofit status are about $350. Your donations will help us pay these fees.

    Volunteer your time and skills in the following areas:

    If you know of any other way you can volunteer, please contact us.

    There are other organizations involved in fighting aging that share our goals. Each organization has somewhat different strategies and short-term objectives.

    Promote the Campaign Against Aging

    • Become a fan of the CAA on Facebook and suggest us to your friends
    • Distribute CAA business cards (they are not individual-specific and we would be happy to send you any amount) and flyers
    • Link to us from your blog or website
    • Participate in our flyer and YouTube video distribution contests to win cash prizes
    • Show your support with a personal message to be shown at the top of each page
    • Talk to your friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers about the fight against aging and mention that more information is available on our website
    • Write about us on your blog or social network


    • Language translation
    • Marketing material design
    • Small-scale do-it-yourself biology (DIYbio) projects
    • Video production
    • Web development
    • Writing
      • Summarizing books on the biology of aging
      • Writing educational material on the biology of aging

    Get Involved in Research

    • If you are an undergraduate student, consider selecting electives that will give you skills that can be used to help fight aging. A list of other suggestions will be available soon.
    • If you are a DIYbio expert, please contact us.
    • A good place to start for anyone is to read the book, Ending Aging, by Dr. Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae.
    • The SENS Foundation also has a list of suggestions for undergraduate students, graduate students or current postdocs in biology or medicine, and biologists on its“Other Ways to Help” page.

    Help Related Organizations


    From International Longevity Alliance:

    Take Action

    1. Register at this site to become a member and/or receive updates. (Email list registration will open soon.)

    2. Join International Longevity Alliance affiliated groups in social networks. The list can be found here.

    3. If there is no related social network in your area, start one!

    4. Organize live local meetings of supporters.

    5. Get involved with a research institute, public association or other organization, creating and testing treatments for the aging process and its derivative chronic diseases, and for the sake of healthy longevity. Research, work, volunteer or donate for such organizations.

    6. Educate yourself on recent advances in life-extension science, as well as its social implications. Educate others. Discuss longevity with friends.

    7. Lobby. Promote legislation and policies for research, development, public health and education aimed at reducing the damage of aging and for healthy life extension. Write letters to your elected representatives. Participate in their meetings and press conferences, and ask them questions related to healthy longevity. Make them think and act for the advancement of life-prolonging means. Vote for politicians sympathetic with the goal of healthy longevity for all.

    • Participate in academic and communal learning frameworks and programs related to the struggle against the aging process and for healthy life extension, including its research and application aspects. Study such fields as: bio-gerontology; geriatrics; biotechnology; medical technology; social work; financial planning; science, technology and society; regenerative medicine; nano-medicine; nutrition; ergonomics; and other fields related to healthy life extension.
    • Collect up-to-date, evidential scientific information regarding the optimal hygienic lifestyle for all ages, and for aging persons particularly. Share this information freely and discuss it openly with members of the healthcare community, friends and the wide public.
    • Organize focused educational activities for professionals and the wide public, such as conferences, workshops, open discussions, publications in the media and social networks, regarding the research and development for healthy life extension.

    8. Practice a healthy, life-prolonging life-style, according to the best scientific evidence available. Keep well and healthy until the emergence of effective life-extending technologies, and make an effort so they should arrive as early as possible.



    The Maximum Life Foundation doesnt need volunteers, they just need funds to turn the cogs in the machine of potent life extension goals they have set. 

    In today’s tight economic times, we have found a way for you to donate, and save money at the same time. A group of sponsors who produce the world’s leading cosmetics and supplements, realize that once you start using their breakthrough products you’ll want more. So they generously send them to you free of charge when you donate. It’s a great way to fund the research painlessly.


    Donation AmountGift Value 


    b.  Protectus 120™, Stem cell Products’ first supplement, has doctors lined up to get it. CLICK HERE for “Vitamin Store in a Tube™” information.

    The Maximum Life Foundation is an IRS registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Check with your tax advisor for a tax deduction if you receive premiums

    What You Get:

    1. Gift certificate for two times (2X) your donation for Stem Cell Products™’ breakthrough anti-aging skin care line (SIGNALS™), their nutraceuticals, as well as free bonuses from two other sponsors.


      a.  Forget your facelift. SIGNALS™ has completely revolutionized the skin care industry. Please CLICK HERE for information. 


    2. You also get a free Life Extension Foundation membership ($75-150 Immediate Value). CLICK HERE for details.
    3. In addition, you get a complimentary MaxLife Inner Circle membership. That includes a free subscription to Longevity News Update, a weekly newsletter that gives you the previous week’s breaking research news in easy to read capsule form. This information could save your life. ($39 Value).
    4. Finally, you will get a free copy of Life Extension Express “7 simple steps to catch the emerging wave of medical breakthroughs… for indefinite youthful lifespans”. This book reveals the key that unlocks your path to open-ended youth, health, beauty and longevity.

    Maximum Life Foundation

    2324 Colony Plaza

    Huntington Beach, CA 92660

    For any questions regarding donations please feel free to contact us at:

    Tel: 949-706-2468

    Fax: 714-464-4135















    From Lifeboat Foundation:

    Volunteer Work

    Let us know if you would like to be a poster to our blog and/or you would like to join theLifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board.

    Contact us if you have content you would like to contribute to this site!

    We are looking for web designers and graphic artists. We also need artists to help us create 3D computer designed models. We especially need people who are skilled with LightWave 3D!

    Link to us!!

    Let us know if would like to translate this site into other languages. 

    We are looking for current contact info on Warren Buffett, Leszek Czarnecki, Tom Hanks, Bill Nye, George Soros, Stephen Spielberg, and Sting.

    We need engineers who can create blueprints.

    If you are based in Minden, Nevada, please let us know!


    From Foresight Institute:

    Careers In Nanotechnology

    Numerous avenues exist for pursuing a career in molecular nanotechnology, dependent of course on the fields of study selected.

    The following resources have information on jobs postings, internships and general career information. You will find additional information in the studying nanotechnology section.

    Working In Nanotechnology

    This site is designed to meet the increasing demand for career, education and training information in the emerging field of nanotechnology.

    TinyTech Jobs

    This site is dedicated to nanotechnology jobs in small tech, including careers in nanotechnology, microtechnology, biotechnology, and information technology.

    National Nanotechnology Initiative

    The worldwide need for nanotechnology workers is expected to reach 2 million by 2015. Already there are numerous resources for students with interests in the field.

    Comprehensive Web site for nanotechnology careers

    This is the job board for the New Scientist magazine.

    University of Sidney, Australia - career resources - 

    Their purpose is to provide news, information, and advice to people interested or actively pursuing a nanotechnology career or education, and matching those people to great jobs in the Nanotechnology industry.

    Meticulum -Meticulum works exclusively in the biotech, pharmaceutical and medical devices industries conducting searches in a number of unusual functional areas, Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology our recent areas that have been added.

    Recruiting Firms - Executive Search Firms, a division of Progressive Search Associates, Inc., specializes in the Search and Placement of individuals with backgrounds related to nanotechnology applications.

    Foresight Institute’s web site ( contains information about the development of the various aspects of molecular nanotechnology. In particular, refer to Engines of Creation and Unbounding the Future. Both are freely available on our web site. Additional information is available in some issues of the Foresight Update.

    Where can I get more information?

    Nanomedicine is becoming an increasing important and exciting field. Much of this excitement stems from the recent publication of Nanomedicine, Volume I: Basic Capabilities -

    Primary Foresight Web Site

    News on Nanotechnology and other Foresight Topics

    Introductory and Technical Nanotechnology Information

    Computational Nanotechnology Research

    Introductory Nanotechnology Information

    Nanotechnology Research Conference

    Non-Technical Meeting on Nanotechnology and Related topics, including networking opportunities for business and employment as well as policy discussions.

    The following list of publications cover topics related to nanotechnology.

    Useful books on nanotechnology:

    What should I do if this information hasn’t answered my question?

    We encourage you to contact our office at with your specific question, though we ask that you first exhaust the resources we provide in this document and the Foresight web prior to contacting us directly. Foresight’s staff is quite small, and we receive a large number of inquiries on any given day. While we do our best to respond in a prompt and courteous fashion, delays often result. In order to receive the fastest possible execution of your query, please phrase all questions in as detailed a fashion as is possible.


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