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Finding the Key to Existence

Posted: Tue, April 09, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

​by Eric Schulke

The vitality of life is relative to the breadth of one’s scope. We are the potential to know the big picture of existence. Set your scope for the big picture. That is the grand opportunity available to you through your seemingly accidental ability to sense your surroundings and control them with sentience.

To aid in wrapping the brain around the big picture, this list called Existences Big Picture, Big 8 Categories and Standalone Opportunities was created to sum it up. The big 8 are to know:

  • the nature of existence, e.g. infinity, consciousness, particle physics, other potential senses, etc.

  • if there is a god, gods, no god, or something else

  • how we got here

  • how the universe got here

  • what all else is out there, e.g. hover ability, light speed travel, aliens, populated galaxies, dimensions etc.

  • all forms and extents of all pleasures current and undiscovered

  • the fulfillment of all goals that time brings you to want, e.g. restaurant owner, pro football, climbing mountains etc.

  • universal elimination of fallacy

For people to have the capability to understand so much more of this vast mystery, but to die without knowing it, crushes down upon my soul with the weight of oceans. Light a torch and set course for the darkness, there is greatness out there that waits patiently for you.

As it stands, this earth that we live on is one big cemetery farm. To have a shot at getting to the big picture, we have to find the damn keys and unlock these life forsaking cemetery gates. In the aging field, where most of us die, there are a variety of leads on where those keys might be.

There are leads like work with programmed longevity, endocrine theory, immunological theory, wear and tear theory, rate of living theory, free radicals theory, somatic DNA damage theory, calorie restriction, ways to approach fixing the havoc inflicted by metabolism; removing damage like cancer-causing nuclear mutations, mitochondrial mutations, intracellular junk, extra cellular junk, cell loss and atrophy, cell senescence, extra cellular crosslinks; cryonics, telomere research, stem cell research, nanotechnology, singularity, cyborgization through initiatives like the Avatar Project and many more.

When it comes to the approach of removing the forms of damage, there are diseases that are like them that have already been worked on with success in laboratories around the world. We don’t live in a world where these things are part of our grandmothers’ science fiction collections anymore. There are a ton of promising advancements with many of these approaches. Any of them could lead to a key. In the realm of cryonics, as one example, they have already taken a cat through an hour of ischemia and reversed it with some success. The number of successful cryopreservations continues to grow and the research is moving forward.

Nanotechnology work is merging with powerful people and companies, making headlines and positioning itself for even bigger advances to come. The genes of telomerase have been mapped. Even the Pope is on board with stem cell research now. Extra cellular cross linking research has made news with advancements. The headlines used to come around once every few months. In the last few years it started to approach every month or so and now research advancements are hitting the news by the week. The keys will be ours, if we want them, if we are serious about doing what it takes to not be dead in the face of such overwhelming glory.

We have to make sure that Lewis and Clark, Magellan, Leif Erikson, Columbus and all the rest, have the sturdiest boats and enough of the best supplies.

Like the dawn of the industrial era, we have to make sure that the iron smelters and the forges have enough support. Entire progressive parties rose up to meet that challenge and saw it through.

When we don’t stand up and see things through then we bow to the mercy of happenstance. In the US, the slaves were freed in the 1860s. The former slaves rights weren’t secured at that time, and those rights didn’t secure themselves. Another movement had to be had to finish the job.

The movement for indefinite life extension is our vow to conquer the ocean, our progressive uprising, our struggle for freedom. We will unlock these gates and escape the cemetery.

The role of the proponents of the movement for indefinite life extension is simple: we inform the world about it. We build that new progressive consensus (the transhuman consensus) and thrust. We grow central support for our pioneers and trailblazers.

Doing this brings together the resources necessary to fully build and sustain the parties that help get this done. Doing this brings together the people that will put this deeper into the curriculum. It rallies enough backers to make sure that all of our pioneers are well stocked, and all of our budding and would be pioneers receive all of the opportunities they need, to lead this world forward to the goal of indefinite life extension.

As one of the congress of MILE leaders, Gennady Stolyarov II, says,

Once this base of supporters is established, it will become easier to expand it by reaching out to others and spreading awareness that medical science may put the greatest triumph of all within our personal grasp.

Join by liking the movement Facebook page. When posts from it come through your Facebook news feed that you find interesting then share them to pages of people and places. When you see something that you might want to get involved with or read up on then dig in.

We need those keys. We cannot live without the opportunity to experience the incredible future.


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