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Indefinite life extensionists support Foresight Institute nanotechnology conference

Posted: Mon, November 18, 2013 | By: Events

The movement for indefinite life extension is the spirit of the people, projects and organizations that are working either directly or indirectly toward indefinite life extension. One of the main organizations that movement for indefinite life extension supporters want to succeed is the Foresight Institute for nanotechnology. 

Attend their conferences, like their 17th Foresight Conference: “The Integration Conference”, February 7-9, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Cabana Hotel in Palo Alto California. If you know friends that may be interested or convincable on the issues, and are in or will be in that area then see if you can get them to go. If you have opportunities to write or speak to people about these kinds of vital, time sensitive types of information, then consider lending a hand. If you wrote a futurist book, or have a favorite one, ask about sending a box of them along. Lets work together to keep this kind of information flowing and spreading around the world, gaining in popularity and understanding. 

The more supporters, attendees, resources, and things like that, that these kinds of events collect, the faster we can all move forward to what seems prepared to become one amazing future. There are a lot of new technologies on the horizons these days. All in together, by helping to keep these kinds of initiatives and projects strong, we can help deliver the components that humanity will use to take us the full distance, from here, on a bridge over our graves, and into the 3D printing, nanotech operated, indefinite life of free energy and limitless possibilities at our command.

Let’s go, let’s get this done, let’s not sleep on these issues. Join the growing ranks of journalists, bloggers, activists, researchers, marketers, website crews, boards of directors, philanthropists, fundraisers and all the rest. 

With a little foresight, we can arrive right on time, on a planet in a nearby habitable zone, to meet, present further pioneering topics, and celebrate at a future Foresight Institute conference.

Quote from the Foresight event:


The development and proliferation of nanotechnology through its applications in diverse fields are dependent upon the successful integration of nano-engineered devices and materials (“nanosystems”) into more complex micro- and macro-systems. Thus, this year the concept of Integration is highlighted, for the successful integration of nanosystems can impact the rate of development, application, and ultimately benefit.

Over 20 speakers will present their research and vision within the realm of groundbreaking atomic- and molecular-scale science and engineering with applications across a wide range of advanced technologies, including materials, electronics, energy conversion, biotechnology and more. Events will include presentation of the annual Foresight Institute Feynman Prize, one of the most prestigious awards in nanoscale science and technology. 

Analysis, simulation, synthesis, and mass production are challenges for nanotechnology integration in such diverse applications as biotechnology, medicine, microelectronics, defense, energy conversion and storage, coatings, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and even food and food security.


Paolo Gargini, ITRS Chairman, former Intel VP of Technology Strategy

Conference Co-Chairs: 

Robert P. Meagley, CEO/CTO, One Nanotechnologies

William A. Goddard III, Director, Materials and Process Simulation Center, Caltech

• Strategy, Analysis and Simulation

• Bionano Systems

• Commercially Implemented Nanotechnology

• Electronic and Optical Nanosystems

• Self-Organizing & Adaptive Systems


Healthy, relatively pain-free life extension ‘may-be’ desirable. (I’d likely volunteer for testing, with informed consent.)

By Douglas Einer on Nov 18, 2013 at 3:58pm

I absolutely support the conference and will inform my membership that,if possible,they should attend.
One thing that seemed conspicuous by its’absence was any mention of the politics of life extension which will most assuredly play a role as we move forward.
                                                    Pax Tibi,
                                                  Tom Mooney
                                                Exec Dir C.E,L.

By Tom Mooney on Nov 18, 2013 at 4:09pm

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