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Franco Cortese

Posted: Sun, March 10, 2013 | By: Authors

Franco Cortese is a Canadian Futurist, Editor and Writer. 

He and Eric Schulke (former Director of the Immortality Institute) are Managing Directors of Immortal Life

Franco also writes for H+ Magazine, The Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies and The Rational Argumentator. He is currently one of the Staff Editors of Transhumanity.

Franco is an Advisor for Lifeboat Foundation, A U.S. Non-Governmental Organization working to combat and mitigate sources of Existential Risk and Global Catastrophic Risk. He occupies positions on their Futurists Board and their Scientific Advisory Board (specifically on their Life-Extension Board) and is their 6th Top-Blogger.

Franco contributed essays and debate responses to the Immortalist Essay Anthology Human Destiny is to Eliminate Death: Essays, Rants and Arguments About Immortality alongside such esteemed contributors as Hank Pellissier (IL Founder & Senior Editor), Eric Schulke (Co-Managing-Director for IL, previously the Director of The Immortality Institute), Martine Rothblatt (Ph.D, MBA, J.D.), Marios Kyriazis (MD, MS.c, MI.Biol, C.Biol.), Maria Konovalenko (M.Sc.), Mike Perry (Ph.d), David Kekich (Founder & CEO of MaxLife Foundation), and many more.

He thinks that worldwide indefinite-longevity is a global moral imperative - that death is a sickness, and that the 100,000 lives lost to bitter finitude per day is an untenable cost if we have even a chance of ameliorating that fetid greying elephant in the room and phlegmatically-unquestioned sanctified-oblivion we call death -  and that we as a global society have a moral obligation to make concerted efforts towards indefinite-longevity for the benefit - and availability - of all.


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