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Freija Van Duijne

Posted: Tue, March 12, 2013 | By: Authors

Futuring is my passion. I am fascinated about what the future might bring. Always looking around for leads about the future and open for new insights. I am futurist, trendwatchter and strategist at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands. My background is in Human factors psychology. I did my Masters at Leiden University and I did a PhD in Delft University at the faculty of Industrial design engineering. I have been involved in foresight studies since 2006, when I worked at the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. 

The big question there was, what kind of new technology would appear in food and non food consumer products in the near future? We published the book Precaution for food and consumer product safety, a glimpse into the future.  In 2010 I moved to the Ministry of Agriculture, where we did a scenario project to facilitate a discussion about the food system. I still work at the merged Ministry of Economic Affairs. Now our unit is focussing on innovative SME’s, who are without exeption, innovating for a more sustainable future food system.

I am frequently asked as an expert for future studies in area of food, natural resources, health and governance. I am also a speaker on futures studies, trend presentations and the many topics that I blog about. Contact me at if you want to talk with me about any of these subjects.


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