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Posted: Tue, March 12, 2013 | By: Authors

Gray Scott is a FUTURIST / NEURO-TECHNOLOGY-PHILOSOPHER, speaker, artist and writer. Gray is a contributing blogger for THE FUTURIST magazine, a professional member of The World Future Society and editorial director of SERIOUS the online futurist philosophy, technology and consciousness magazine produced by his media company SERIOUS WONDER MEDIA ™ based in NYC.

Gray is quickly becoming widely recognized as one of the most exciting, inspiring and controversial futurists of our time, speaking and writing on a variety of subjects and future trends including:

Mind-to-Machine technologies

Brain-Computer-Interface Devices

Future Technologies

Future Digital Consciousness

Digital Brain Preservation

Dream Recording Technologies

Post Human Philosophy

Positive Intention Technologies


The Technological Singularity

Human Enhancement Economy

Digital Life Extension

Immortality and future implications

Biomimetic Design



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