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To humanity, we salute you

Posted: Sun, September 22, 2013 | By: Genetics

I and many of us, and we should all, have a brimming sense of eternal gratitude and homage to our ancestors for sticking with it through the much tougher times - through the dark woods, learning to use tools, figuring out better ways to sculpt and construct bigger and better structures, working toward brighter futures. They held on through so much hardship. The thought of their suffering is a caustic poison to my soul, unbearable and hard to find reprieve from. I’m so proud of them. Incredibly, their spirit continues to flow through our veins today.

It was a long trek from our origins in the waters to the transitioning forms we went through in those dark and mysterious fauna filled forests of Gaia like aura.

Then afterwards came the alpha thinkers of the great forests of the Stone Age to those of the Bronze. To all those pioneering, transcending souls, we salute you. We couldn’t have done it without you, we owe you our lives. You gave us our lives and put us on this incredible track to the exit gates of ignorance, to the exit gates of the solar system, and much more. You passed along new tools of innovation and ingenuity that you painstakingly delivered across time to give to us.

On to the great Iron Age our stalwart, fiercely survivalist, progressively more transcendent ancestors went. From Pythagoras to Plato, to the heart stopping times of the rise of Gaius Marius, we salute you.

Marius served an unprecedented 7 terms as head of the Roman republic because he fought back the violent iron age barbarians who were beginning to filter in to see what all the noise and civilization was about. Decades later, this was an inspiration to Julius Caesar and the beginning of the great expansion of civilization. Decades after that, the appointed Governor of newly conquered territories, General Publius Quinctillus Varus, lost 3 of Romes legions standards, symbols they fight to the death for, and all of their lives, in a solar-system-like quaking clash of wills in the Teutoburg Forest. A half century later, men and women sat around campfires on the stumps of those time swept years, talking about the events and days come and past. They grew up hearing the legends of their Teutoburg Forest grandfathers and great grandfathers, whose skeletons and remains they came upon again all those years later. They had finally retrieved the last missing standard too. What majestic, heartstring stranglingly rich times. It must have seemed like an eternity of majesty and wonder. How thoroughly dead they have been now for so long.

Turk, Berber, Celtic, Latin, Slavic, Germanic and other boys and girls grew up on the streets and deep in the forests of those epic, incredible times. They pursued their dreams, loved this life, and contemplated many of the conundrums that still lay ahead of us. They faced down and then met their ends. What terror so many of them went through in their heartbreaking transformations back into dust. Dust! As though that’s what they deserve. The Zhou had to decide to stay or take on the grand adventure of traveling to other lands. “When I grow up will I have what it takes to be in Varus’ army?” a Roman would ask. Others studied Galen and Thales of Miletus, the ancient thinkers and architects - thinking about designing more of the structures and inventions that continued to inspire the world. Some of them decided to become chroniclers, blacksmiths, explorers, ship builders - pouring their hearts into it, riding the moments with senses wide open to this mysterious realm.

They were in this cage called Earth, and after they rotted away, we were put in it. What great complex souls that have been taken from us. They walked through the graveyards around them mourning the dead, looking at the stones, wondering how it could be possible that so many of these people had already been dead for so long. Most of those grave markers are now obliterated from even memory. Even the graves and crypts of the people that walked those cemeteries then are now long gone.

The tribes continued coming out of the woods over the next thousand years, transitioning to things like Kings and Knights. Universities rose across Europe, setting more precedent. Craftsmanship continued to increase. Thinkers continued to be enabled and inspired on to grander ideas and innovations.

Here’s to the scientific advancements of the 1500s and 1600s that brought us further progress in astronomy, more complex understandings of anatomy, the rise of microscopes, more harnessing of the earlier advancements that paved the ways behind them and others.

Like the tip of a cone, where the point is a few simple ideas, then from nothing – everything. From the forefronts of these blazed trails, alpha thinkers constructed the metropoli of element mastery that fights once-hidden diseases, gives us reins on the waves of atoms and lets us escape into the big picture of it all. If the universe can see then it must have gasped.

Here’s to our modern heroes, the pioneers and entrepreneurs who dreamt, who dared, who risked it all, the Asa Whitneys who helped connect the coasts, the John Astors who helped connect the world, the revolution and civil war soldiers who’ve secured the precious freedoms that make up the more conducive atmospheres of our personal, always potentially more transcendent lives. It is with freedom and the resources they’ve built and retained, and the legacy of the thinkers who built their breed and passed it down to us among our genes today, that we’ve done what we’ve done. Each one of us contains the genes of countless pioneers and thinkers who we owe our lives and good fortunes to. And make no mistake about it, if you are alive today then you are more fortunate than the richest King or Chieftain of ancient times.

This is to the pioneers of aging research like August Weismann and Robert Butler, to the wellsprings of golden intellectualism like Albert Einstein who taught us so much more than physics, to opinion leaders and visionaries like Robert Anton Wilson who taught us about intellectual honesty and tough, important, complex thinking, and Alan Harrington who did the same and reminded us of the importance of living with the big picture of existence in mind.

To those living heroes, the Elon Musks, Peter Thiels, Aubrey de Greys, Larry Pages, all those dedicated space exploration supporters, and transhumanists who are fighting the grim reaper itself, we salute you.

It’s such a deep, rich, full homage that these spirits deserve, like a homage that broils with the force of 10,000 hurricanes, the biggest one from every year since we came out of the woods. All that potential, all that anguish, all this suspense…  Billions of sentient creatures have paved the way, suffered and then stared down the abyss before being dissolved into it for today’s chance arrangement of resources on this planet to be possible. You have what you have because people died for it, because people made it happen. They willed this utopia into existence. It is anything but to be taken for granted.

I try to get the big picture of it all, the thought of all the suffering and potential lost and everything into my head, but haven’t been able to get it all in there at the same time, long enough to stare it down and think about it head on. It can be overwhelming, but I want them in there so I can face that challenge down, work through it and find new power in understanding through it. I don’t fear the challenge. I prepare, stand ready, and if I can get the full understanding of all the pain and hardship that has been gone through for humanity,  into my thoughts,  then I can work through it, and can’t wait to see what’s on the other side. Though I can sense the distant rumbling of that agony as I begin to think about it again here, I’m confident that I’ll emerge stronger.

What is the meaning of entropy in the world of extropy? Upon the orb of extropy? Are we in a battle with all of entropy? Is that where we are? Are we all still one big army, in the same fight to keep extropy propped up and shut entropy down?

It seems that we are. The Romans were some of our legions that already went down. We fought back, we never gave up, and the battle is still blazing. Vengeance for the dead, and expansion of the human cause, is still at the tips of our science and activism swords; the heat is still thick. I can still see the scattered bones of the brave rotting gladiators who died in the mountains and plains of Italy. I can still feel the strength of the Spartans standing up to the Persians, the smoke of the burning halls and homes across time, filled with their mysterious insights, symbols – I can still smell it. The workings of their souls upon their unique times through their unique perspectives, I long to know them all.

What did the “junk drawer” of teenage Celtic brothers and sisters look like a thousand years ago? What kept them up at night? How far ahead where they able to imagine? How deeply did they dread death and long for life? What do people dream about when they sleep in worlds like that?

We are still on the same cavalry charge with the same rage as we had when America torched open the chains of thought repression and tyranny in the revolutionary war. Five decades after the revolution, a M’Clintock woman of the Seneca Falls women’s movement convention selected the Declaration of Independence as a template to declare their own. A few decades after that, the Niagara Falls Movement fought for blacks civil rights. I can’t help but wonder what inspired their name… The Niagara Falls Movement then inspired generations of people who stepped back up to that plate, followed through and won those civil rights in the 1960s.

Now we movements here today, the logic movements like the Positivity Movement and the Agnostic Movement - education reform movements, the space race, transhumanism, indefinite life extension - feed hungrily on the intellectual feasts they left behind for our minds and the future of human driven extropy.

Our rage is still ongoing and extended from Richard Feynman and Steve Jobs being raped back into the mud.

I wish we could bring them all back and construct various times on various planets so people can continue to live how they want and experience the fullness of life that the dust keeps consuming. That’s why we fight in the movement for indefinite life extension. We do this for them as much as we do this for us.

I’m sorry Copernicus, I’m sorry Augustus, I’m sorry Ghandi, we’ll claim victory. We won’t hold the victory trophy up for you, we’ll hold it up with you, our brains and muscles powered by your genes and blood. Thank you, our victories are your victories. You are heroes and the universes proudest elements. We owe you our homage and allegiance. You turned apes into transhumans, the hard way, the long, cruel, hard way. Any day that the world doesn’t get up and work in your name is a deep shame. You all deserve indefinite life, you all deserve to sail the stars, to have the tools of technology at hand to use to sculpt the fabrics of your imaginations. I hope we can do something, that’s probably yet to be fully imagined and brought to life, like clone your spirits, someday, some way, and I’ll help see to it that we do if it’s feasible and possible. In fact, when indefinite life extension is achieved, that might be one of the next big thought puzzles about existence that I start taking on and running across the axons.

To all of those fallen pioneers and heroes, you are the legacy, you are the legends, you are all titans of existence. You’re monster phenomena on the cosmic grid, miracles, incredible, never to be forgotten. I miss you all. You’re a part of humanity that is lost but never forgotten.  I’m so sorry for all of your losses. I have a torrential pity for your sufferings. Its hard to understand and get a handle on it. My heart just bleeds for you.

We burn to avenge the dust. When I wake up in the morning, it’s the cogs of your spirits that are in me turning that make any differences I may make. It’s a great gift from you to us generations, that sacrifice-forged soul-fire to power through to the defeat of death, our release into the magical ethers and elements of the stars and the seemingly endless dynamics and intrigues of it all. Thank you, you went down, but you left us with great trench work, positioning, insight and pallets of ammunitions. When we, us and you all, are victorious, we’ll gladly work to pay back the debt to you for the rest of our lives and still only hope to begin to scratch the surface of what is owed. I’ll dedicate a universe to every one of you.

This is the fire, this is the legacy, these are the battles of a lifetime in a war to secure the big picture of existence for as many souls as possible. We have a dream, and it is the continued construction of the dream of Pythagoras, Plato and the whole of what our ancestry gifted to us. I’m lucky and honored to be born here in these times, with these legacies, these survivors genes, with this blood pump of extropy beating in my chest, feeding clusters of billions of neural processing units, powering them forward to saw through the mysteries of the atoms and compounds.

Let’s show the elements what we’re made of. We challenge the world to rise up. You have it in you. We can get there. Grab your skills and aptitudes and head to the frontiers of health and space. The big picture of all of existence waits patiently to introduce its potential-brimming dynamics to you. It can’t wait. We continue the trek. We won’t let our ancestors, the universe, extropy, our friends and family, our fellow humans, or ourselves down.


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