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How to get the world to do something about death

Posted: Mon, August 12, 2013 | By: Activism

365 picture slices representing 1 year
365 picture slices representing 1 year

We are all going to be dead before we know it, and we all know this. Time just sprints past. Summers skip through ones life like they’re frolicking through a meadow. The world doesn’t do much about that. Why is that? There must be an answer to that, right? Three of the main reasons are (1) that more people need to know why they should desire an extended, indefinitely long life, (2) they need to know why they should think that stopping aging and diseases is achievable, and (3) they need to know what they can do to make an impact: There is one simple thing that every person needs to know to do, which is crucial to making sure that you have the best chances of indefinite life extension being reached in your lifetime.

The world needs to know why they should want indefinite life extension. Not everybody has stumbled upon all the same thoughts and concepts as everybody else. If you were on a deserted island, after a while your brain wouldn’t have as many things to think about and couldn’t come up with as many new practical contemplations. Tell people why they should enjoy life and want to be here to experience an ad infinitum amount of the future, see all that is yet to come, what all else is out there, all the challenges they can overcome and conquer. Explain to them that they know it’s worth it, if they think about it, to give themselves the opportunity to find out more things like the nature of infinity, the further explanations of quantum mechanics; to experience more things like the additional inventions and engineering feats in technology and transhumanism, etc. Help them to understand that life is an incredible mystery and that since it appears that we’re an incredible accident of fantastic fortune, that there are no rules regulating the breadth of ones scope, just the big picture of the reality of it all, and the forms and casts we impose upon it. It’s OK to want to be alive to see the future. Its an amazing place. Tell them why!

A second main thing is that most people haven’t thought about why they should think that indefinite life extension is achievable. Why should they think they can do it? They can figure it out if they try, but they don’t have thoughts in their heads triggering them to think about this stuff as much as we have had the good luck to. Jump start that process. Tell them why, get them thinking about why indefinite life extension is achievable. They need to know why this isn’t just some alien conspiracy, miracle abs pill, ghost in the wall tall-tale like the kinds that are thrown at them everyday.   


Explain to them that science knows how to work on this kind of stuff. Powerful equipment helps us see deep inside cells. We can cut and recombine genes and have cured some diseases by doing so already. Science can do all sorts of precision cutting, delivery, cellular level engineering and things like that. There are engineered enzymes and synthetic proteins. There are forms of damage that accumulate in and around our cells that have minimal funding and research hours put into investigating them right now, and there are still more diseases like those forms of damage that have already been worked upon with success in laboratories around the world. For example, there is at least one rare lysosomal storage disease that has been worked on with success, and one of the main forms of damage that ages us to death is the accumulation of damage to cells’ lysosomal storage. For decades now, science has been proving that we can do many things that researchers want to do to eradicate aging.   


So lets do them. There are so many more tools here and on their way. Google transhumanism and indefinite life extension and read all about the breakthroughs, advancements, events, books, interviews and everything else. This is easy for people to understand when the information is available to them, but they can’t think about it unless it gets into their brains through their eyes or their ears. Indefinite life extension is probably achievable. Tell them about why it is. Spread this information far and wide. Discuss it as often as you can.

Another reason why the world doesn’t do much about the onrushing freight train of death, is that even if they did know why they should think it’s achievable, many people don’t know what they would possibly do to make a meaningful contribution. Most don’t even consider that there could possibly be something that they could do to contribute in any significant way. Everybody can help and everybody is needed to do that one simple thing right now. That is, “like” the movement for indefinite life extension page so you can help us spread the main organizations working toward the goal of indefinite life extension to the world. It is critical that everybody do this. The idea that the world might go uninformed about indefinite life extension, and so not put as much into it, because we didn’t inform them about it, is preposterous. This can and must be done, and it happens with every click of the MILE “like” button. MILE is designed to move through tipping points until it reaches the world stage. 

When you like the page and share the news stories, articles and postings from the page, you’re standing up for your life and the world’s life, and you’re helping us all move toward that goal of getting this cause into the thoughts and minds of the world so that they can all think about this. When that happens, when the majority of people in countries around the world talk about this cause, has it on their book shelves, in their magazines, in the line ups of their shows, on the radio, being taught as new classes at universities across the land, when parents talk about it with their children at the kitchen table and teach their children the value of fighting for life, then we’ll see the change we need. Then we’ll see the world putting as much as it can into getting this goal completed in our lifetimes. It has to be done, we have to inform the world as soon as possible. You should be spreading this cause every single day. If you aren’t, then start developing that habit and begin right now. “Like” the page and consider directing people there when you want, when you feel like wanting and valuing life. 

That’s three main things that people need to know so that we don’t all die, so that we all have the best chance of seeing the goal of indefinite life extension reached in our lifetimes. When it comes to why we should be hitting on all cylinders and steaming away as a united world effort, chugging away along the trails toward the potential cures for aging, death and diseases, its because life is an incredible mystery. When it comes to why people should think its achievable, again, science successfully works on the kinds of mechanisms involved with the damages of aging all the time. “Liking” the MILE - Movement for Indefinite Life Extension Facebook page and keeping it in your news feed so that you can spread relevant info to matching parties that you know, is the responsible thing to do. By “liking” the MILE page, we plug into a system that is spreading the word through a series of goals driven by growing networks of indefinite life extension activists, project leaders and organizations. Increasing percents of people naturally share what they find interesting in their news feeds. Now that you’ve been talking to them about why life is so interesting, why indefinite life extension is achievable and what they can do to help get there, they’ll be sharing the articles, interviews, research publications, conference invites and all the rest too. Indefinite life extensionists continue to move forward. The world might get the message and begin the war on aging, all disease and death, in no time.

Photo credit: eirikso / Foter / CC BY-SA


First of all,congratulations on presenting a cogent analysis concerning people’s lack of interest in “life extension”.Having been involved in this issue for a few years now I would argue that most people are absolutely unaware of the life extension research underway and they have convinced themselves that religion and the possibility of Heaven is there only chance to attain eternal life.This is a very difficult hurdle to overcome but I remain optomistic that science and reason will prevail.

By Tom Mooney on Aug 13, 2013 at 8:48am

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