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How to slow aging down a little bit right now

Posted: Mon, January 06, 2014 | By: Anti-Aging / Supplements

by Robert Saunders 

Aging is mainly due to the accumulation of damage as a result of metabolism. So anything that reduces the rate of metabolism, reduces the damage of aging. 

Diet and exercise are the standard methods for controlling the aging of the brain and they both work by improving the metabolism of the brain and body.  As you age, your neurons die and are not replaced, and there is evidence from MRI scans that show people that exercise and have good diets have less accumulated damage of the brain. As a result of this, the working memories of older people that have done exercise are better on average then people of the same age that haven’t done much exercise in their life’s. 

  • You may want to start taking alpha Lipoic acid and Alcar, these two supplement are better at reducing the aging of the brain when taken together.
  • If you do want to drink alcohol of any sort always drink water after, this is because alcohol kills neurons by dehydrating them. Therefore drinking water will stop the dehydration of the brain. 
  • Drink apple juice, it mimics an Alzheimer’s drug.
  • Don’t be afraid of caffeine, it might keep Alzheimer’s toxin out of your brain. 
  • Try to have a low calorie diet and the more you eat the faster your metabolism will be, the trick to reducing aging is reducing the speed of metabolism.
  • Cinnamon is good for reducing the aging of the brain.
  • The more you learn the more connections that you make in the brain, and keeping an active mind is one of the best way to do this. 
  • The best thing you can do other than exercise each day is to take one vitamin b complex tablet. This is a tablet that contains all the different types of B vitamin. This has been shown to reduce the likelihood of getting Alzheimer’s by 500% if taken each day for more than 5 years.


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