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Human Augmentation Intertwining With Laws Of Equilibrium

Posted: Tue, July 09, 2013 | By: Technology

by Roberta Betti

It has always been said that humans are generally incapable of giving undivided attention to multiple flickering sources of information, constantly limiting cognitive processes like working memory and attention span, definitely giving focus on particular aspects of the environment which surrounds us, generating inevitable losses in terms of simultaneous vivid catch of trains of thoughts, implying withdrawal from a full experience of our world. Integrating multiple information sources usually frame a graphical discussion on symbiotic relationships between biological systems and technological ones, when collected data provide important instruction for auto-learning and measurements of new physiological states. Microelectronics can give both the body and the environment a new adaptive emotional (thus, intelligent) response, projecting data into the user’s line of sight onto a transparent field, making LTM (long-term memory) able to store new memories, while short term memory is also impaired, supplied by a refueling process called chunking. Carrying out memory tasks results both in a good use of forecasting tools and a slight touch of inquisitiveness, decision-making skills are also seen as a basis of an inexorable progress in tracing math patterns in a context-rich knowledge space.

Metabolic equilibrium, also known as homeostasis, is as blissful as an on-going state of internal balance. Actually, it is, but being our body a wonderful but imperfect machine, sometimes a kind of a trouble goes on without warning: stress hormones might do not know exactly when it’s time to stop pulling. They could influence our brain in the worst way a chemical byproduct possibly can, injuring and killing cells in our hippocampus, making a conscious, strong-willed response in order to restore the original condition the only way to pull through the crisis. Even when it’s not about life-threatening situations that we’re talking about, multiple dynamic adjustments could include pH and glycemia regulation, suppressing inflammatory cascades, adapting in real time with an ever-changing environment which of, for the previous reasons, we do not have a full grasp on. It could be viewed as a cascade of decomposable systems, where interactions between the dynamic time lapse of a chunk of attention span take place in non-overlapping components, thus predicting with a matrix selective functional interaction the behavior and linkage with some states of panic without autonomous intelligent regulation, in order to tame them. Computational control (primitively done by a normal brain) is even shown to be susceptible to cognitive benefits with an adequate baseline for trained performance (e.g. videogaming), where lateral connectives and surface conduits health is (without ever being interfaced directly to the nervous system) constantly improved, even more responsible for physiological regulation, with an emerging ergonomy coupling between human and external mechanical device.

Development of such emerging technologies could enhance our mechanical energy harvesting inspiring new mitigation problems (treated with optimization systems), correcting sub-optimal behaviors implementing feedbacks within a certain range.


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