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I am asking you to sign our life extension petitions

Posted: Mon, January 20, 2014 | By: Politics

I am asking you to sign our life extension petition which I intend to use to lobby for “life extension” research to become part of our fiscal budget. I sincerely want to thank the 184 people who have already showed their support for life extension by signing the petition but we desperately need many more participants. As I have mentioned before, petitions carrying large numbers of signatures have a beneficial impact.

Members of the House and Senate want to remain in office and threats to their reelection becomes a priority matter which they are willing to address. Most members of Congress know little about “life extension” and if we can explain it to them and show them that many of their constituents also favor it, we may gain their vote on life extension matters. Obviously, it is not that simple but if we are not willing to educate our elected officials, we will never make “life extension” an issue and receive Federal funding for research in this area.

So once again I am asking you to take a few minutes and sign this petition.

Please try to sign as soon as possible. Also, talk to your friends, neighbors, relatives, and anyone else you know! 

By signing this petition and urging others to do the same, you are making a tremendous contribution to life extension. As I have always said, “Together we will prevail”. Let’s make that statement a reality!

In Life,

Tom Mooney

Exec. Dir. C.E.L.


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