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If they say no to indefinite life extension

Posted: Sat, August 08, 2015 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

I have heard it said that when it comes to the progression of indefinite life extension, “If they say no then it’s going to be no.” I’m not sure exactly who “they” is, but they are going to be in an awful small minority here at some point and then until the end of time or the end of humankind. If “they” say no, it does not mean no, it never does. It means you are at a stand off until the side with the most preeminence and willpower prevails. They say no to indefinite life extension? We say no to involuntary eternal obliteration. How are they going to survive our no? That is the much harder problem.

You reach a critical mass when the ingredients of a movement, need, resources and catalyst, come together and your movement is born. Then awareness building takes place. Once you have gained your footing, you grow this through the social unrest. Then you solidify a core of mobilization in the form of pressurized advocacy and you keep that momentum primed until you have filled the vacuum that was waiting for your cause to fill it.

Sometimes you know, the hungry have to figure out how they can take down a mighty bison so they can eat, figure out how to harness fire so they will not freeze to death, sail an unknown ocean so they can be free, kick the doors of ignorance off the hinges of the vassals grain bins and fill that vacuum in their souls with that grain that means the future for them. The vacuum in the future says yes and it draws us in. At one time the bison, the heat, the ocean and the vassals said no. It would be hard for no to stop us if we tried to let it. 

If they say no then we meet them at more tables of diplomacy like the desks of the heads of the departments at the NIH, MIT, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, the CDC and A4M; at the offices of Congressional health committee members, at the coffee shop in the home towns of philanthropists and angel investors, in the office of venture capital agencies, at conferences,debates and all the rest. If they say no then we mobilize more public pressure, continue building, we get even busier spreading the word to more people, we get even more convincing and timely and we deliver for this cause. If they say no then we notify the Longevity Party. If they say no we write more letters to our representatives, and send more people in to talk to them. If they say no, we prep more candidates - prepping those that are already there that can be swayed now, and introducing our own. We create videos and books for that audience; we talk about it in interviews, in newspapers, magazines, blogs and television. We work to get through to opinion leaders, role models and voices like Larry KingSteven Seagal, the president of Kazakhstan and the Popewho in turn get through to others. We proactively work to get more media coverage, more yard signs and bumper stickers, send more books and documentaries to book clubs and film fests and so on.

If they say no…

The entire world, through their general state of not being informed about this cause, generally does say no right now. That is the entire reason for our existence. It’s essentially the entire reason for the movement. If they didn’t say no then we wouldn’t be here. A movement doesn’t come into existence because most people say yes. The movement comes into existence to change no to yes. Somebody said to me that, “The only way “around” no is to proceed illegally, or wait for laws to change.” There are many ways through it, and movements systematize that process. You rise to the occasion.

Sometimes the road through requires a whole new inter-state system of super highways. Sometimes the road through requires the rationing bonds of a nation backing the commitment of 15 million dedicated activists. Sometimes the road through requires hundreds of thousands of people on long marches with fire hoses to the face and dog bites. They said no to industry, they said no to the financing of the Panama Canal, they said no to health care. They said no to us, and we raised an entire movement of people and projects for indefinite life extension up out of the ground to move through it.

If they say no…

We find it at every deadlock; we meet up with it at every impasse. That’s how you get through. If it takes 5, 10, 20 years, it’s nothing in the scheme of things, that’s business as usual and will be the easy part. To get through no you commit to yes and you see it through. You look at what it will take and you prepare yourself to go the whole distance. Any problem broken down into enough small pieces is rendered easy. You hand the no’s out among the movement. Your life and your shot at this vast existence is on the line. The movement for indefinite life extension is a small commitment, a small price to pay for such a large prize. There are people who spend more time building and preparing a house than the amount of time it is going to take us to execute the goal of living indefinitely.

So let’s work through this skirmish here with the trancists and the uninformed and then move on to the big battles. Rejuvenating our tissues, blood and bones, keeping our bodies healthy and finding the way to allow indefinite life extension, and in time, that is the hard part.

The question is not how we are ever going to get through no. The question is what no is going to stop us. To quote a military strategist with many victories, “We will find a way or make one … … Life has given to man no sharper spur to victory than contempt of death.” 


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