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Immortalist HipHop Album in the Works

Posted: Sun, August 18, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

​By: Maitreya One (a.k.a Tesla)

My name is Maitreya One. I am the first Hiphoppa to rap about ending aging and building a Hiphop City in one song. (Maitreya One: The HipHop Sate). These days HipHop culture and life extension don’t seem to go hand and hand due to the criminalization of our culture its being coopted by cooperate America.

I wanted to write this article for two reasons:

1. Many people in the transhumance community know nothing about HipHop culture.

2. I wanted to inform the life extension community about what my plans are.

HipHop culture was once very underground. HipHop’s start was in dark parks of the Bronx.

It was dark because we plugged our large sound system’s in the light post to steal the electricity to power them. HipHop has four core elements. They are, Beat boxing, emceeing, deejaying, and graffiti. There is a need to have new elements built into the fabric of our culture. I would like to introduce HipHoppas to life extension as a new element. HipHop was created because our people were kept out of the mainstream and so we were forced to do our own thing. It is only when HipHop started to make money for cooperate America when many people felt HipHop was legit. Today, HipHop is mainstream but many forgot about our humble beginnings.

And what our mission was from the start! Most people today think rapping is HipHop and it’s simply not. Many people think that an industrial status symbol is a success for HipHop and it’s simply not. The next level for our culture is a city state!

To preserve the culture and further develop it I think HipHoppas need to build a city state on the ocean founded on HipHop culture transhumanism and the science of life extension.

How I plan on doing this is by first creating a great album I’m currently working on and raising funds on rocket hub. When I’m done recording I want to hire a marine architect to design a blue print of the would be city so people can have a visual feel of how this city will be built and operated.

* * * * *

Tesla was born in Harlem and raised in the Bronx. He had a twin that died weeks after birth from causes unknown. His inspiration comes from what he calls the “Streetlight Age” of HipHop, a time before HipHop was co­-opted by large corporations and the music industry. In the Streetlight Age, HipHop’s vision was bigger than an industrial status symbol. When Tesla was young he lived in Washington D.C. and this is when the idea of HipHop rising to a state of self­-governance was born. Living In D.C. and in various parts of New York City, crafting his style, keeping his ear to the streets, not letting the trends of the day influence his music. Tesla’s inspiration to end aging was influenced by his father’s suffering from Parkinson’s disease. As a result Tesla believes that aging is a disease that can be cured. Age related diseases are caused by the degeneration of cells.

Tesla’s music is deeply influenced by his environment and his rich experience as a human being. In Tesla’s younger years he worked at a bookstore called East West books. This bookstore sold books about world religion, science, eastern philosophy, metaphysics, and health. It was at this bookstore that he discovered the work of Nikola Tesla. He was inspired by genius and his life story and his dedication to science even though he came from humble beginnings, he remained ahead of his time.

Tesla the electrical genius inspired Tesla the HipHop artist to become interested and invested in the relationship between science and big business and how big business can get in the way of good science. When profit is the only motive, science fails to achieve its most humanitarian and highest goals and to fully benefit humanity in ways that would truly improve the quality and quantity of life that we are capable of achieving. Tesla, the HipHop artist, adopted the name to send a message to scientists and the public to act accordingly, and asks that you support his ventures and his businesses. He invites you to view his documentary “Freeze Me,” documenting his own cryonics set up, and to look for his upcoming album.

Tesla would like to aid in the help of a project called “Timeship,” which would be a biological “Fort Knox” that houses all the major life extension research concurrently. This project’s goal is to end aging in a timely matter. Tesla has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and would also like to start a wine company that makes wine enhanced with extra resveratrol. He would also like to invest in his own brand of supplements, marketed towards the HipHop community in partnership with The Life Extension Foundation and set up a world-wide tour for his album “Maitreya On:­The HipHop State.” Starting these businesses will help fund the fight to cure aging and bring about Tesla’s dream of HipHop rising to Statehood.



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