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Indefinite life extension: Further into the big picture of it all

Posted: Fri, December 06, 2013 | By: MILE

Multitudes of people, projects and organizations working toward indefinite life extension continue growing stronger and increasing in number. There are Fight Aging,  LongecitySENS FoundationMethuselah FoundationCampaign Against Aging IEETLongevity AllianceCoalition to Extend LifeMaximum Life Foundation Lifeboat FoundationSingularity Network , Foresight InstituteCryonics Network and many more, including projects and individual initiatives. Altogether, the spirit of this movement is a pivotal crux in the transcending of humanity. Our generations are lucky to have these opportunities. We are better equipped than ever before and it’s our turn to take on a big project. The one that humanity has loaded in the barrel, compliments of destiny, right now, is this collective push, this movement for indefinite life extension. 

It is important that people be united for common purposes as important as this so that they put more focus into cooperating for progress rather than, often, languishing in free-for-alls of big picture meaninglessness and ennui. The sense of meaning that causes like this strike in people can lift them up out of their heaps of problematic pharmaceuticals, increase their RPM’s, drive the best in them to action, give them something to look forward to and give more people something meaningful to occupy their thoughts and actions with. It is universe changing and morally imperative that humans figure out how to bring about indefinite life extension. Depression is rampant, unemployment is on the rise. For the love of life, actively and regularly help bring people to this cause - it is a cure for those kinds of things. 

People have long faced and lived through the carnage and destruction of generations. Inevitable aging death took many - and disease, affliction, accident and all kinds of other deaths for all the rest. Most of it took place during riskier times of high stakes transitioning from tribalism to nationalism that went on for most of the past few thousand years. Those people left countless friends and family behind - their wives, husbands, children - they left us behind. They left everybody else in their own “Saw-like” traps to die. “Save me!”, it’s a silent scream that their traces, the particles of dust of their ancient souls still represent as they fall through time like they’ve been thrown down a bottomless well. “Save me!”, as they’re buried in time, falling further and further from reach, lost under the weight of collapsed kingdoms and the awe inspired compost of the cycling seasons. In the year 1013, at one point, spring was rolling back around. What a wonderland of wilderness and physical and mental adventure, the ancient libraries, the new kinds of farming tools to discover among the various tribes and rising nations, exploration of stories and legends, all the potentials still ahead of them to be figured out and experienced… They and the people around them remembered those days. Those memories, the unique character and insight, those potentials and aspirations used to exist. 

There is no reason to be complacent about this. The reality that lifespan limits of around 60 to 100+, are the average around the world, is how it has always been, doesn’t make reaching indefinite life extension any less pressing than figuring out something as uplifting as language or fire was at one point. Before our ancestors figured out how to start fires, the need was still there. Indefinite life extension is the fire that we have to create. It’s one of the main tasks set out before us. Our ancestors earned the chance for their progeny to take this shot at indefinite life extension. They earned it through the slow progress over the course of all of their difficult struggles. The locomotive of transhumanism arrived at your station because it was powered by the calories, the fuel and determination of your ancestors, by their hard work and perseverance. We are inherently commanded to continue on, to continue moving forward, as though our great great grandfathers and grandmothers command us through the sacrifice they gave that now comprises the blueprints of our biology.

These are exciting times. We have the power to fight for our futures in big ways. Relish the times and seize the opportunities. Make the moments count. Sit down, think the big picture of it all through, look up and research when you need to, and really dig in and make your life count. You are on course to be dead for a mind boggling amount of time. When you’re dead, you will miss things that you don’t even know you are dying to see. The implications of it all are strikingly urgent. 

What is this place? This universe? What is going on here? 

The kinds of realities that questions like those represent are enormously important. Humanity has only uncovered, recorded and preserved a small percentage of the big picture of it all. We can’t even begin to set our priorities yet. Everything that people do that isn’t about pushing the boundaries and securing opportunities, often seems like time filler, life fodder, like swarms of gnats by a leaf, darting around in the brilliant sun. There was a swarm of gnats that died in 1547 BC. That isn’t what we want. We don’t want a life on par with that. At the very least, we swing while we go down.

Imagine that your tribe is out in the woods and it is found that there are mountain lions everywhere. Some of you start putting up a log fortress to go in and keep the lions out, but only 3 people help build it. Then the lions close in and massacre the whole group. 

Life is only just beginning, we have only made it to the doorway so far, we haven’t even opened it yet. Life is that door, and the movement for indefinite life extension is the opening of that door. Once we get out there and have the chance to have more time and resources to explore this place, then things will really start to get exciting. We have to fend off these lions, because who wants to get eaten in the middle of an incredible journey? We have to figure out how to produce fire, because who wants to freeze to death? 

Are there aliens out there? Are there other dimensions? What is the nature of infinity anyways? Will there be hover boards, and invisibility, and virtual reality? What is it like to go on x, y and z journey? 

There will probably be amazing chances and things like those, that we can’t even think of yet. We will be able to sail through space and have many more incredible options. We will be able to pursue more goals, like live in the mountains, take cruises, build sky scrapers, scuba dive in the ocean, help dig up awesome old cities, and the long lists of things that expansion into space will open up. 

We will learn more about the past and the future as time goes on. The deeper our understandings of where we came from, the more we can appreciate the journey we are on and all that it means for us to have worked so hard as a species to come so far. The more we understand the benefits that await people who live into the future, the more we can spread the reality that planning for it is something that people want to incorporate into their lives. A person that thinks these kinds of things through thoroughly, which can take years, cannot help but migrate toward those realms where life is filled with more opportunities, experiences, insights, pleasures and everything else. 

This seems like a common sort of thing for people to do. For example, one of the many big questions remaining about history is, why did the tribes of Europe start moving toward Rome and get into so many fights? I can’t say for sure of course, there seem to be many factors, but I’m struck by the notion that, primarily, they must have been in search of a better life. Once the rumors of the majesty of Rome spread to the furthest reaches of Europe, it seems it caused a chain reaction, continuing to light minds on fire with insights through the new inventions and accomplishments, the then-new raw materials of a deeper curiosity, and thoughts of a better, grander, stronger, faster, more plentiful, further reaching tomorrow. 

We see the proofs of the majesty of the future. The rumors are true. Our wildest dreams will be daily excursions and our controls on life will be greater than ever. Its like a new Roman Empire of progress. Let’s hold it up and make this push into the future count. People don’t always get chances like this. The time is right. There isn’t a world war, we have fairly stable economies in many industrialized countries around the world. These kinds of things could easily not be the case. The Alaric of our day hasn’t finished us off. Let us hold the future up and embrace it. Let’s make the future happen, let’s make its topics into popular concepts and fill its projects with people-power and resources. This is your chance. It’s a small opening in time. Make it count. Let’s make this happen and make a successful transcendence up this bell curve, further into the big picture of it all. 


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