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Indefinite Life Extension Activism - we do it because

Posted: Sat, December 14, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

When it comes to going to Europa, Casey Dreier at writes the following.

Throughout history there are tipping points when the reasons to do something difficult become so compelling that no one can rightfully ignore them – times when we cross the threshold from “should” to “must.”

And so it is with indefinite life extension. We do it because life is incredible. It’s a big ocean of mystery out there, on countless levels. Us sentient specks, stuck here to this one ball of dust, out of countless, hurtling through space, have a lot of room left to expand and explore. We have a lot of things left to figure out, a lot of bearings yet to gain before we, lost cosmic-potential explorers, can even begin to figure out what ever more important avenues there are ahead of us. It’s an epic rise to transcendence that we’ve somehow managed to toil out of the ground over the centuries.

There is a lot to get done. We have a big job ahead of us, it’s the universe. What a thrilling wonderland of opportunity. What can’t we do? The answers to that seem to be few and far between. Once we secure our raw material, fundamental basics - like life, then it seems that our ability to dream is the limit. If the universe were to be metaphorically watching us, then it must wonder what the trouble is that these rare sentient beings keep diving back into and becoming part of the mud from which, through seeming happenstance, they came, rather than expanding out into the vast, breathtaking frontiers of it all.

Why do we do it? I like how this positivity quote puts it,

Here is what some others say.


Indefinite Life Extension Activism

We do it because:


“We do it because we love Life!” - Janni Lloyd




“We do it because each and every one of us is subject to painful suffering with the aging process. It is a requirement of us to push our biological limitations, and push beyond that even.” - Jameson Rohrer




“We do it because we want to see the future of humanity.” 



“We do it because you only live once so make it last!” - Emanuel F. Barros

“We do it because who wants to freakin die and watch everyone else they love die?” - Jennifer ‘Dotora’ Huse



“We do it because we are the creators, able to do that which we imagine.” Roman Puzon




“We do it because no greater priority exists, it’s our responsibility as capable sentient beings to nullify the consequences of an uncontrolled nature; to abdicate all life from chaos, pain and mortality; to bring prosperity to all life with the capacity for joy.” - Jonathan Norquist

“Because suffering only because of the number of years you have lived is an imposition on the Human Race, and no longer acceptable.” - Advocate of Negligible Senescence

“...because we are poised to take the next step in evolution.” - Thomas Munyon




“We do it because genes are eternal so why not the body occuped?” - Sébastien Bages

“We do it because life is too much fun to give it up without a fight.” - Steven Lytle

 “We do it because our universe depends on it.” - Ryan Williamson




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