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Indefinite Life Extensionists: tell people to go the MILE, point the way

Posted: Tue, April 23, 2013 | By: MILE

by Eric Schulke

If you have to enter uncomfortable situations to tell people about indefinite life extension, if you have to face unknown personalities and put effort into it, is it worth it? Is it worth putting in the time to see if you can convince them to join the movement? Is it worth saving them and ourselves? Is life worth the trouble? 

The world needs to know about the movement for indefinite life extension without any delay. We put in the work to inform the world. This is why the movement for indefinite life extension set 5 progressive goals to reaching enough “likes” to spill over into world awareness. The goals for years 1 through 5 are 800, 8,000, 80,000, 800,0000 and 8 million.

These aren’t all easy goals, but as Baruch Spinoza said, all things excellent are as difficult as they are rare. Life is excellent, it is difficult to secure it indefinitely, and this is your rare chance, your unique positioning in the timeline of existence to do what it takes to help humanity achieve this milestone of excellence.

We have been challenged to excellence and we gladly put the best of our ancestors genes to the test. Our ancestors built train tracks through mountain ranges without modern day equipment. They informed the world about countless things that are menial when compared with informing the world about indefinite life extension and the reasons why, why we should think we can, and what we can do to achieve it.

Not only do we accept, but we emphatically accept  and we are committed to going the distance. This is our lives we’re talking about. And we don’t think about failure, we are too busy working toward the win. Time plus determination achieves goals. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things”. IF we fall along the way, we have honed and prepared, we pass the baton off and humanity goes the scope of the whole distance. Then they follow through in our lifetimes or in time but the goal stays locked in either way.

The need to preserve our lives is tremendous. It is more important than climbing the tallest mountain. It is more important than quenching the deepest thirst. An unmet need doesn’t negate its existence. The thirsty stricken does not turn into a corpse because they didn’t need water. They died despite it, they died without fulfilling it, they died with human ingenuity in debt to them. 

Dead people deserved their lives.

While the challenge of death is still here, humanity is like the blind in a maze of caverns, getting as much done as they can before inevitably falling off a cliff. You are one of the few lucky enough to be able to see among the cliffs and caverns. You are like a one eyed person among the blind. It is incumbent upon you. The world looks to you, the crowds of life loving people depend on you, they reach out to you. They can’t see the way out and they aren’t sure if there is one. They are scared and they don’t want to die, whether they pretend they do or not. It is your job, it is your responsibility to help illuminate the pathways out of the cliffs. Our biology is the Grand Canyon of caverns, corridors and caves, and you are the guide. By horse, boat, copter, rope, you get those people out of there. You tell them about MILE.

You convince them to pitch in with crossing this life or death passage. All we need are enough “likes” to bring about world awareness. When that happens, then the information and the opportunities to help advance this cause will come to people, rather than people having to depend on everybody else in the worldto stumble upon it enough times to absorb it and realize the pressing urgency of taking action to help. It all adds up, we need all hands on deck. 

Life is not to be taken for granted. Each planet would be transformed, have its potential brought to life, if it could have just one of us as an inhabitant. Its not good when most, if not all, people die. Even a murderer is a rare super computer that can change the universe and could be untaught and re-taught things over time. Humanities incredibly vast conundrum of existence has a million needs for them. Indispensable usefulness is ripe in humanity. We would not destroy a planet, and every person is more important than a planet. We need everybody in confronting this vast ocean of challenges. We cannot spare a person, and a person cannot spare existence. This labyrinth of existence needs to be explored, and everybody that wants to, needs to explore it. We step up to put a stop to this waste of life, with the valor and resolve of the existence trail blazers that we are. It is a monumental challenge to us now, but just another bump in the road in the grand scheme of things.

If you found the way out of a dark cavern and you could see strangers off in the distance, that were still lost, then would you leave them there? Would you leave the people in your town in a dark cavern? Would you want somebody to tell you? How would you feel if you were purposefully left in the dark to die?

Get them to join MILE. Make it happen.


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