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Is Longevity A Priority For You?

Posted: Wed, July 31, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

     Ask any random group of people on any street-corner, in any city of this nation who they’d most like to be or who inspires them, and you’ll inevitably collect a long list of musicians, celebrities and athletes, with perhaps a few political figures mixed in.  It is disheartening for me to know that the people who would share my answer to that question are few and far between, as it seems that only a select few even know who Aubrey de Grey or Michio Kaku even are!  Should you take the time to educate these people about the accomplishments Dr. Kaku has achieved in the field of Physics, or the tireless efforts of Aubrey de Grey to extend the life life-expectancy of men and women by dozens or even hundreds of years, their eyes light up and suddenly they become more interested. 

     I find that the more one learns about the field of biogerentology, the more interested they become. After the initial objections are satisfied and they understand that the point of it all is to not only extend the length of one’s life, but to extend the time during which they may fully live that life without the complications of the aging process, Their eyes light up with wonder and excitement. I love to watch the gleam in their eyes burn brighter as I explain that, not only are we looking into a way to halt the aging process, but to reverse the cellular deterioration which has already taken place, effectively restoring their youth!

     Until recently, public awareness of important, life-altering ideas and research has been hindered by the low-level availability of information.  For one to learn about recent developments in Psychology, for example, one would probably need to subscribe to several publications and comb the newsstands daily, and even then, an important detail may be missed because there would be no way for anyone to possibly keep up with every new facet and detail about the field.  Today, with the Internet and all of the access each person has to seemingly unlimited knowledge, to remain ignorant is a choice that one must actively make.  I find myself slightly annoyed on a daily basis when I speak with people who can relate to me, in detail, the recent events of Prince William’s life, yet stare dully at me when I begin to talk about the SENS Research Foundation, which was started by Mr. de Grey for the very purpose of granting more years for them to share with those close to them. 

     According to a recent Nielson Report, the average American spends thirty-four hours per week, watching live television, and a further 3-6 hours watching recorded programming.  This is the equivalent of an entire work week!  This means that in 168 hours in a seven-day period, with an average of six hours spent per day sleeping, we spend a THIRD of our lives, watching television and educating ourselves on the life styles and daily habits of the Kardashians or the ball-handling skills and running speed of a given athlete, with another third of our time taken up by working and leaving a final third for recreation or some sort of productive activity, such as cleaning our homes and washing our laundry.  If we could devote just one or two hours of our days, investigating and discovering the ways in which science has furthered our understanding of our universe and of ourselves, I believe that that would contribute immensely to the awareness and general mindset of our society as a whole.

     We all lead busy lives.  Our jobs, our careers, our families are all very important to all of us.  Many of us also have hobbies which take our time, and others choose to devote some of their time to self-improvement, which, I think, we can all admire.  But isn’t the possibility of adding decades to your life important, too?  If not for yourself, then how about for your children and your children’s children?  It may or may not surprise you when I say that not everyone is happy about what we’re trying to do:  Religious fundamentalists, pharmaceutical companies who would rather you kept on taking their pills to squeeze an extra miserable week out of your decrepit body than for you to live happily and healthily for years beyond what they can offer you, So-called fitness gurus, the guys who develop fad diets, and anyone else whose wallet is about to get light are all out to hold this movement down, and it will only survive and continue to move forward if we work for it. Why not re-prioritize just a little bit?  It’s quite likely that the life of little Prince George will continue on, even without you there to watch it on TV.  Who knows?  The next time you tune in, he may even be the king of England, doing absolutely nothing, but may be in YOUR debt for helping him to extend the length of his reign!


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