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Join Immortalism, Or Die!

Posted: Wed, May 29, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

by Hank Pellissier

When Will Human Beings Stop Dying Like Animals? 

Aren’t We Humiliated by This Beastly Fate?

Why Do We Grow Old and Feeble 

Croaking like Toads

Perishing like Pigeons Under a Bus?


I’m Not Demanding a Biological Reason

I’m Not Filing a Religious Complaint

I Ask this Question Because 

My Ego is Offended

You and I Strut on Top of the Food Chain

That’s Why We Eat Them, Enslave Them, 

Milk Their Udders, Brainwash Them To Be Pets 

BUT - Still - Despite our Cruel Superiority

The Conclusion of our Human Existence

is Grossly Animalistic, our Epilogue is

Mammal Putrefaction


Aren’t We Ashamed?

Our Lives are NOT Animal Lives

I got Educated, Learnt Grammar, Read Magazines, Performed Arithmetic

I Make Slightly More Money than Most Animals

I am NOT a Beast!  

But still - like Moth on the Windshield

I Will Only Be A Cadaver

I Suggest - 


Face The Grave Truth

We Will Be Defecated into the Toilet of History


The Responsibility of Our Era

Homo Sapien Exceptionalism



To be fair, lemmings don’t leap off cliffs, and I don’t think rams just baa-baa while their ewes and lambs are eaten; they probably fight, not that it helps.

Once we stop dying of aging and decrepitude, we aree only partway to immortality.  Then we need to get over killing ourselves and each other, then over being smashed by avalanches, zapped by lightning, etc., which I think can only be solved by distributing our bodies and minds through space and perhaps through time.

By Kennita Watson on May 31, 2013 at 2:39am

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