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Join us in this project to tell children that “Death is Wrong”

Posted: Sun, February 23, 2014 | By: Activism

Reaching youth about the life and death concepts that are gone over in the new children’s book Death is Wrong is one of the most critical things we can do for the movement that is working toward the goal of indefinite life extension. Ideas incubate in their heads while they are still making up their minds about the world, where the best and most relevant concepts and insights, like these, have a much greater chance of taking root. 

This new fundraiser, started today, to distribute copies of the important book Death is Wrong, is a project that can go a long way. A thousand books might not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but it can make a big difference. These books will sit around on the shelves of elementary and public libraries, among others, for years to come. They will be there when the inquisitive among the generations that come through those halls are pondering the world, and they will add to the tools available to teachers and others. 

When I was in elementary school, I discovered a lot of things in my library. I remember that the more I discovered, the more excited I was to search the shelves for more gems. I believe these books will cause thousands of kids to think about the value and feasibility of indefinite life extension. Even if it’s only a fraction of that, it is worth it.

Through this project, others will have these books delivered to their houses, where they will end up on shelves in their rooms, many of them coming to be among their prized possessions. I often think back to some of the key books that shaped my life, which I had as a child. 

In still other places, this project will make it possible for more parents to have this book on hand, ready to impress the importance of its messages upon their kids. 

The options for distribution can be pretty varied. Activists who want to spread copies of these books will be able to make requests to the Author once the fundraiser is complete. 

The truth is like a fire that is hard to put out. The more places it can be sparked, the faster we can start the world on fire with awareness for this crucial cause. 

When I was a child, I expressed deep long-term anger over death, and was sure that somebody was going to tell me what was being done about it. Nobody did. I remember how crushing that was to me. I felt betrayed by the world I found myself born into. Then over the years, my feelings of betrayal incrementally grew into the norm. I was like the frog in the pot of water that was slowly being heated, that didn’t jump out right away. If books like this were available, the adults that were around would have had more options for where to direct me, how to console me, what to say, and how to occupy my ambitions to think it through so I could have begun digging in much earlier. 

As the author, Gennady Stolyarov II writes, 

Death is Wrong fills an important void and can inspire a new generation to join the struggle for greatly increased longevity. Virtually everyone learns about death as a child, and the initial reaction is the correct one: bewilderment, horror, and outrage. Yet there has been no resource to validate these completely correct first impressions. Almost immediately, the young ones are met with excuses and rationalizations, so that they might be consoled and return to a semblance of normalcy. Over millennia of facing indeed inevitable demises, humans have constructed elaborate edifices of rationalization, designed to keep thoughts of death from intruding upon their day-to-day lives.

Max Planck has stated that, 

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents finally die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.

It’s also fairly common sense. We know that the older one gets, the more likely they are to start buckling in with various perspectives and takes on things. 

Our “opponents”, of which I don’t think there are very many, will see the light eventually too. With this cause, we aren’t even dealing with opponents as much as we are with people who are simply uninformed and haven’t been given enough of a chance throughout their lives to think the dynamics of this through far enough. It is our duty to inform people. If we were trapped in a cave with a crowd of people and we found a way out, it would be incumbent upon us to let the others know too. Some of them won’t listen and won’t go, but that’s alright, that’s up to them. We have to tell them anyways, for the sake of those that will, and to give the option to all.

The children, the children will listen. Let us not leave them behind to die. Let us spark this in their heads so it can grow into the raging infernos of passion and activism for this cause that are there waiting to become reality. This would happen to a far larger percent of the people of this world, if only more of them could know now, and start thinking about this now, before it’s too late. 

The movement for indefinite life extension continues to move forward through the various people, projects and organizations working on extending life. Let’s continue chipping away. With these bits of momentum picking up, soon we’ll look back and see that the side of the mountain is gone. We can make it to the other side in no time. Please consider giving to, and spreading this important bit of action on this life and death cause. 

by Eric Schulke


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