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Marin County, California - where Men Live Up To 15 Years Longer

Posted: Sat, April 27, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

by Hank Pellissier

I live in San Francisco. It’s very nice here, but… there’s this option to consider:

if I relocate, by moving just 4 miles north, across the Golden Gate Bridge, I’ll be sequestered in the best longevity-enhancing county - for men - in the United States. 

Marin County offers an average male life span of 81.6 years, tops in the red-white-and-blue, and considerably higher than, say, McDowell County, West Virginia, where life expectancy for males is a measly 66.3 years. 

is this the Marin
is this the Marin “Fountain of Youth”?

Marin is an excellent place for elderly ladies, too. The life expectancy of a Marin matron is 85.1 years, just .9 years less than a rival Florida county that offers the best Fountain-of-Youth for females.

I was quite surprised to find such huge variability in the USA, and delighted that nearby Marin is so conducive to longevity. 

The 81.6 years Marin County promises males like me is longer than any national average in the world, easily surpassing the 79.49 years offered by Iceland to its men. 

For women, Marin is not quite as impressive, because Japanese females live almost 87 years on average, notes a 2010 United Nations chart.  Aside from that, the Marin digit beats all contenders, with French women living second-longest at 84.32 years.

or will any hot tub do?
or will any hot tub do?

Isn’t Marin just… too expensive, though?  Because the average house costs $820,000? 

Best bargain is to get a houseboat, and anchor it either offshore, or in the old bohemian berth, the “Gate Co-op.”  

Want to find out how old the average resident in your USA county lives? Of course you do! Click HERE  

You’ll discover there that urban areas are generally the best place to live for longevity - this rather surprised me. Besides the San Francisco Bay Area, there’s also great longevity in Seattle, Portland, New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Minneapolis, and other highly-populated areas. If you insist on living in wide open spaces - try Wyoming, especially the north central area.

You’ll also find out that USA lifespans have elevated considerably in the last 20 years. Good-News!

There’s a great write-up on this topic in the Huffington Post, HERE


Hilarious correlation conclusion!

Properties are so expensive there that only the wealthy can afford to be there. Wealth and health do correlate…so does wealth and IQ.

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Not a single nomination.


City dwellers win 80%+  of nobel prizes.

Its best to be a city dwelling jewish mormon on an Okanawa diet with 6 sex partners, who exercises twice a week, doesn’t smoke,  has 40 children, is applauded wherever they go, supplements, meditates, laughs regularly, has a positive attitude and is very rich.


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