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MILE activist contest entry: focused meeting within next Conservative Party conference in UK

Posted: Mon, December 30, 2013 | By: MILE

Entry for MILE activist contest, by Marios Kyriazis  

*The deadline on the contest is now extended to January 3rd. 

“If you were to receive a check in the mail with $5,000 to inform as many people as possible about the desirability and the prospects for indefinite life extension, to get them interested in the people, projects and organizations working directly or indirectly toward indefinite life extension, then how might you spend it?”

If I had $5,000 to promote Indefinite Life Extension, I would….


ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans

Promoted by: Marios Kyriazis

We propose to use the available funds to organize a focused meeting within the next Conservative Party conference in the United Kingdom. It is a common practice in these situations to invite a team of professionals and a team of politicians to discuss and debate an issue. Here we would discuss the issue of indefinite life extension (not merely healthy aging).

We have the political contacts and suitable expertise to organize such a conference. 

It is possible to invite the Minister of State for Health and the Minister of Science (who happens to have a special interest in biology and biomedical technologies!) to take part in this meeting. The costs associated with booking a suitable room in the conference would be in the region of $3000 (in pounds sterling). The rest would be spent on travel expenses for the three scientific participants, who may be invited from outside the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister would be invited to attend albeit only for a few minutes as a show of his commitment. This would be of immense media value. 

The discussion would be speculative but to the point, and will address issues relating to extreme life extension such as fears of overpopulation, funding, advocacy, politics, law and ethics.

This would be advertised through channels which are already in place within the conference and would immediately reach 10 000 committed and dedicated law-makers in the UK. A second level contact would be made with one million party members or supporters who would then be in a position to campaign on this issue if they so wished.

Finally, it is customary to have a wide media presence in such conferences, who cover all issues presented there. We would expect to attract a sizable section of the media (including worldwide media) such as the BBC and CNN. We have already organised such meetings in the past, albeit at a much smaller scale and scope, and we always had worldwide publicity, due to the special interest of the theme.

This would be the first time that the issue of scientific radical life extension would be discussed in a formal political setting, and the publicity from this would carry more value and gravitas than other unsupported activities.


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