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MILE activist contest entry: MILE infographic and meme promotion

Posted: Wed, January 01, 2014 | By: MILE

Entry for MILE activist contest, by Eric Schulke

*The deadline on the contest is now extended to January 3rd. 

“If you were to receive a check in the mail with $5,000 to inform as many people as possible about the desirability and the prospects for indefinite life extension, to get them interested in the people, projects and organizations working directly or indirectly toward indefinite life extension, then how might you spend it?”

If I had $5,000 to promote Indefinite Life Extension, I would….


With $5,000, I would put together a series of movement for indefinite life extension infographics and memes, incorporating a variety of things I’ve learned through work with them in a variety of areas over the years.

I’ll talk to two graphic artists that I know (and maybe a few more) to negotiate the best price I can with $1,000 maximum, which is within range for this project. One of these graphic artists also has a small photography business. Depending on the final design, I may have a photo shoot incorporated into at least part of the theme of these memes and infographics. I’ll need at least one prop which I’ve already secured the materials for and am working on. (I plan on funding this one way or another) If the money is put together for this, and its before the end of March, then I will have this all created and ready to go by the last day of May 2014 at the latest, although there is a good chance they would be done much sooner. I’ll put $4,000 plus whatever might be left over from the $1,000 production budget into the promotion of these memes and infographics through the movement for indefinite life extension page advertisement administration panel.   

I have worked with memes and infographics through a variety of capacities over the years. For years, I kept a variety of magazine ads taped to my walls to see which ones subconsciously caught my eye as I would walk past. I learned some interesting insights from the perspective that it generated. I’ve worked with multiple mediums like pamphlets, books, small leaflets, a billboard, etc. I’ve been a part of teams and led some teams involving things like this. I have taken out, tracked and studied a few hundred dollars worth of Google and Facebook ads over the span of a few months. I continuously experiment with various 5 to 20 dollar ads like them over time. One of the most insightful things related to this that I went through was 40 hour plus work weeks for over three months, distributing over 3,000 memes for the 2012 US elections. I intimately worked with and watched entire categories of infographics and memes perform in various demographics, and in multitudes of different atmospheres. I’ve taken 2 or 3 marketing classes. I independently listen to hundreds of directly and indirectly related lectures on the matter and have taken notes from many of them for this project. A general formula that is specific to this cause has emerged that I think can help take the cause further. 

The average number of people that join per message that I have promoted in the past is a couple of likes per dollar and the most that I’ve gotten is around 40 likes per dollar. By putting this all together and making it the best it can be for this, with designers and a relatively substantial promotions budget, I think it can make an impact. If it does then we’ll work to take it to the next level. At the very lowest number from my experience, this can bring in around 8,000 likes, which is about how many are needed to make it to the MILE year two goal. At the very most, I think I might be able get our messages, our collective message, out to 150,000+ people. Importantly, I think this formula can be an impactful, memorable, motivating way to bring in more action taking supporters. 

So that’s: under $1,000 to make them - - done by last day in May - - promoted with $4,000+ to bring in enough people to reach at least 8,000 on the indefinite life extension movement supporters collection page by July 17, 2014. 

This goal is the second step in working to help bring in at least 8 million total supporters by the end of the entire 5 year goal in 2017. It’s important that these steps are secured because the goal of indefinite life extension gets here in relative proportion to the collective speed at which the world goes to get there. We have to inform the world and this project can help secure another step on the way there.



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