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MILE activist contest entry: seminar video with unique mix of perspectives

Posted: Tue, December 24, 2013 | By: MILE

Entry for MILE activist contest, by Janni Lloyd 

*The deadline on the contest is now extended to January 3rd. 


If I had $5,000 to promote Indefinite Life Extension, I would….

“If you were to receive a check in the mail with $5,000 to inform as many people as possible about the desirability and the prospects for indefinite life extension, to get them interested in the people, projects and organizations working directly or indirectly toward indefinite life extension, then how might you spend it?”


I feel the most valuable way to spend $5000 would be to initially organize a seminar involving some or all of the presenters listed below. Some of this may be self funding by those who purchase a ticket to attend. Some of the presenters may offer their services for free and even pay for their own travel expenses as they have a passion for people to become aware of this potential. It would be best held in the USA.

I feel most of the $5000 would be well spent making a good quality movie of the seminar. Then it could be posted widely on the internet and small parts could be posted on YouTube for wide distribution on social media.

It’s time for more dialogue between these wisdom streams. Many of the presenters I recommend have expertise in more than one area.

Here is the big picture of this approach which I shared on my blog -

I’m Dr Janni Lloyd, Australia. I have an idea for a documentary based around ‘Healthy Life Extension / Physical Immortality – the mass possibility’. I have written a paper exploring this area from the medical science, quantum physics, alternative medical and spiritual perspectives. I was a medical practitioner for 20 years then moved into alternative medicine. I have been exploring physical immortality philosophy for 20 years. Here is a link to my paper – - 

An excerpt from the introduction - Throughout the ages, pioneers have been challenging accepted belief systems of the populace and producing major evolutionary leaps: “The Earth is the center of the Universe” gave way to understanding Earth revolves around the Sun. “The Earth is flat” fell away when Columbus did not fall over the edge.

Life is about living with passion and vitality, creatively following our dreams with fun, joy, love and lots of laughter. If your life can be described in these terms there is no way you would want to become physically incapacitated by age and then die.’

Ongoing life raises obvious questions; it would be great to have experts from various perspectives interviewed. I recommend Jonathan Weiner, Aubrey De Grey and Dr Bruce Lipton for medical science, John Hagelin PhD and Dr Deepak Chopra for quantum physics, Sondra Ray and Leonard Orr for alternative medical and Robert Coon for the spiritual perspective.

The movie, What If?, a documentary by James A Sinclair, asks “What if ageing and even death were just programs (in our subconscious) that we could change?” Interesting evidence from the various fields mentioned above and documentaries such as “What If” now suggest there may be alternatives to the convention of physical death.


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