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Summary of the guide to the movement for indefinite life extension

Posted: Fri, April 18, 2014 | By: MILE

We are like portals into this grand, gracious, spacious sea, of incredible mystery that we call existence. These portals are broken. Fixing them and getting indefinite life extension happens in direct proportion to the collective speed at which the world goes to get there. So get on board with the movement for indefinite life extension and help us make this happen.

There are 3 main points that outline the reasons for you to get on board.

Why? Why indefinite life extension? Because existence is filled with incredible opportunities and reasons for life. It’s not just filled with a few things, its filled with a dynamic big-picture.

Why should we think we can do it? Because of the mile premise, that we don’t have to know we can get there to go there but we do have to go there to get there. It’s like being stuck in a blizzard. It doesn’t matter if you know if there is a way out or not, you go the distance to find out.

What can we do to get there? Spread info from the movement for indefinite life extension and recruit and send people to it. It is arranged to inform 8 million people about this movement within 5 years. 

Indefinite life extension will be on the world stage one day. When that day comes, will you be able to say that you were one of the people that helped go the MILE to get there? We extrapolate on these 3 main points here.

From precursors of life, on our way to the dark side of the moon, we work to rid ourselves of deaths imposition. We continue to mine existences seemingly limitless profundity. There is a lot at stake, the casualties continue to pile up as we speak. We will succeed for our ancestors, for the world, for every person, for the value, to end the pain. There is no reason to think for a moment that death might be preferable to a healthy life. When presented with the choice, it shouldn’t be too hard to choose life. This is your opportunity to experience as much of the big picture of existence as you can come to want to know.

Many people are too lazy to respond to the need to stop their life from being taken away. They are so irresponsible that they make excuses so they won’t have to do anything about it. Not only do they make excuses, but they will make the most ridiculous kinds of excuses. Many are like people lost in woods; we owe it to them to point the way out, whether they take it or not. People can be “vaccinated” against this travesty in thinking by inoculating grade school curriculum with teaching of the understanding of fallacy, and by people who continue to inform the world about the movement for indefinite life extension (MILE).

We try a lot of things, fail many times, but we press on. Humanity continues to carry its pioneering spirit on into grand new worlds, defining itself by its ability to supersede every mountainous challenge. For us, challenge is the status quo. Our scope is not bound, our vision is clear; our new dream is a reality at the end of one long MILE. As a world effort, we traverse this ground in no time and bring our goal to the world stage in our lifetimes. We understand the MILE premise, that we don’t have to know we can get there to go there, but that we do have to go there to get there.

On top of the MILE premise, aging research also already has a great head start. Successful research into diseases that are similar, have already provided proofs of concept. We can see beyond a doubt that these mechanisms are fixable, and not magical and otherworldly. There are even excellent programs in place to help the ahead-of-schedule science turn up the throttle, rather than move slowly and sporadically. On top of that, we have Longevity Escape Velocity, which spells out why it is not already too late for any of us. With MILE helping take awareness of this to the world stage, we help indefinite life extension projects and organizations fill up with people power and resources so that we may see the completion of this needed, crucial science in our lifetimes.

Movements are a major part of the landscape of humanity. From rights, to labor, to mechanization movements and many others, we have benefited from many collective endeavors to affect change in time for more people to enjoy their benefits. A movement is a lot of things, it is a dreamers action platform, but most of all it’s yours for the taking. A movement is led by every individual within, every individual that steps up to the plate to add their support in most any way shape or form. This movement is big, really big. It’s bigger than all others combined. This is not only this generation’s cause, but the cause of the past few and the next few generations. It is the cause not of a decade but of a century, an usher of the next big grand new transhuman epoch. The indefinite life extension movement is here to join with or assist you on an individual level, through projects, latest news, cause opportunities, insights, and through networking with the collective work of many dedicated organizations.

Tell people about, spread, or recruit people to the movement for indefinite life extension using the share button for the page and/or the topics within, especially key news, events and breakthroughs that are most directly related to the cause.

Give to this cause, there is every reason in the world to sacrifice for the movement for indefinite life extension. Help continue this epic human journey, traveled and advanced by so many. Dream of existence, understand that you can be an unimpeachable player, not worthy, like all the others, of being added to the long list of the dead. Set your eyes on the prize and determine for yourself to go the MILE and finish this game.

If you think and read about it more and become convinced of the importance of the movement for indefinite life extension, then go the MILE and help us reach the goal of 8 million supporters by July of 2017

All you have to do is add your one click of support. But of course, the more you help spread it, the more serious you are about not being dead as the majesty of the future continues to unfold. 


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