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Natasha Vita-More

Posted: Tue, March 12, 2013 | By: Authors

Natasha Vita-More, PhD is the founder of esDESiGN and creator of H+TV Her research focuses on the design aesthetics of human enhancement and radical life extension and the emerging and speculative sciences and technologies. Natasha’s conceptual future human design “Primo Posthuman” has been featured in Wired, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Net Business, Teleopolis, and Village Voice. She has appeared in over twenty-four televised documentaries on the future and culture, and has exhibited media artworks at National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Brooks Memorial Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, Women In Video, Telluride Film Festival, and United States Film Festival and recently “Evolution Haute Couture: Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age” and is the recipient of several awards: First Place Award at Brooks Memorial Museum, Special Recognition at Women in Video, and special recognition for “Futures Podcast Series”. Her 1998 “Arterati on Ideas: Vinge’s View of the Singularity” was a premier expose on the technological singularity.

Natasha is a proponent of human rights and ethical means for human enhancement, and is published inArtifact, Technoetic Arts, Nanotechnology Perceptions, Sistemi Intelligenti, Metaverse Creativity, D’ARS, Global Spiral and h+ magazine. She is co-editor of the forthcoming book The Transhumanist Reader: Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science, Technology and Philosophy of the Human Future(Wiley-Blackwell 2013).

Natasha is chairman of Humanity+, fellow at IEET, and Hybrid Reality Institute, a visiting scholar at 21st Century Medicine, and a track advisor at Singularity University. Besides the PhD, she holds a MSc in human enhancement technologies and a MPhil in the theoretical concerns of enhancement, and is a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Her background is in performative and visual arts. She is currently a professor of design at University of Advancing Technology.



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