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People Who Don’t Want to Live Forever are Just “Suicidal”

Posted: Fri, February 08, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

by Hank Pellissier

If a 27-year-old friend told you that she wanted to live hard-and-fast and die beautiful via an “accident” before she was 30, you’d define her as “Suicidal” - correct?

If a 56-year-old friend said he was tired, bored, and sick-of-it-all and intended to get euthanized on his 60th birthday, you’d categorize him as “Suicidal” - right?

So… when people tell transhumanists that they don’t want to live forever, when they say immortality and radical life extension sounds horrible, dreary and agonizing…

Instead of transhumanists responding by ridiculing them and calling them Luddite “Deathists”… Should transhumanists, instead, feel Pity and Compassion… because the Deathists are just… Suicidal?

A “Deathist” aka “Suicidal”

Craving your own death, obliteration, extinction, demise - at any age - is indeed, defined as Suicidal.

Giving up on Life, bemoaning that existence has lost all meaning for you, determining that loving and learning and playing and exploring is no longer appealing to you…. you’d prefer, instead, to fall into the void, the abyss… you’d rather Entirely Cease Existing.

Feeling like that is… Suicidal.

It’s alarming, of course, that the billions of “Deathists” are, in actuality, “Suicidal.” Suicidal urges are a Mental Illness…

The suicidal tendencies of Deathists also explains why they’re often so angry, at immortalists / life extensionists. Suicidal feelings are often “repressed rage.”

The Suicidals/Deathists overwhelmingly don’t want immortality To Be An Option That People Can Choose Not To Enjoy, But Others Can…

Deathists/Suicidals Want Everyone To Die With Them, at approximately the same age.

So… usually… Deathists… aren’t just Suicidal, they also want to take everyone down with them. Isn’t this homicidal, mass murderous?

Ever heard a Deathist say, “I want everyone who wants eternity to live forever, but I don’t want that for myself.” ??

Ever heard that? No? Me, neither.

But… I’m not angry about this. I feel Pity. Because, like I said, they’re “Suicidal.” And… suicidal people need… help. Someone to talk to. Someone to cheer them up, someone to make them believe that they’ll be happy to continue living. And Living. And Living.


Transhumanists would, it seems, be ideal counselors at a Suicide Hotline. Because we have absolutely no desire to END IT ALL. EVER.

Right now, though, there isn’t any Suicide Hotline staffed entirely by Transhumanists. Too bad. They’d be busy.

There are other Suicide Hotlines, though. I’ve listed them below.

Deathists!  You can be helped! Your sad, sorry, suicidal feelings… your mental illness… can be treated!

You Want To End Your Life?  (Not today, but someday?)  Your depressing, pitiful attitude… can be alleviated!

Call or Email the contacts below. Counselors standing by.

Your Deathism aka Suicidal Feelings… can be defeated!  Life is Enjoyable!  



—- (USA)

International Suicide Hotline Listings  

Note: This notion is not mine, originally. I saw it first expressed by someone on Facebook. I didn’t jot down who it was… but I’ve complimented it’s ingenuity, by repeating it here - Thanks!


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