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Programmed to Think We Have to Die

Posted: Wed, July 17, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

by Jennifer Huse All my life I have known that humans are supposed to live forever, it’s my earliest memory. After nearly two decades of research into health and biology I believe I have figured out the main causes the body decays itself into death. I am of course not talking about things such as accidents, homicide, and suicide here; I refer only to “age related” death. If you examine the roof of all “age related” death you will see it is inflammatory in nature, a wearing out of bones, organs, muscles etc. This wearing out is in all cases caused by inflammation. There are many different ways a body can inflame, it can be because of a reaction to toxins from our environment, and the body cannot process and excrete them so it attempts to protect the body by “burning them out”. It is often caused by the additives in our water, chlorine, fluoride, and ammonia among other things are highly corrosive to tissue and not intended to be in the water molecule we require 70% of.

We have multiple “stressors” such as financial, romantic, and hard labor that add to our inflammatory levels. You often hear the words “stress can kill you”. But most persons do not know the biological reasoning behind this. When the body is “stressed” it emits hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine, these hormones and any hormone in excess are not able to be process and removed efficiently through the liver. Therefore in a protective response the body tries to rid them by “burning them out”. This is done to protect the body but since oftentimes the stress is unremitting, the inflammatory response is constant. Therefore the tissue both old and new forming, is constantly being attacked. This creates and environment where not only is the tissue damaged, but any new tissue trying to repair is damaged or destroyed. After time of this inflammation not being released the body loses its ability to properly create new cells and replace the “worn out” prior ones, resulting in “ageing” and death.

Now the question has been posed, “what if a person was only exposed to clean water, healthy food, and a stress free life, why do they continue to die?” Well first, we do not know if they do, not all persons have been accounted for to tell if some persons have lived well into the hundreds or thousands, or even have lived immortal. Second it is very hard to have this exposure in the society we currently live in. But my theory is that most persons even if exposed to these conditions would still die of ‘age related” conditions eventually. The reason I believe that most of us die is because of the factor of “mental conditioning.” Scientists have proved over and over that the human body is designed in a way in which it should be immortal, but cannot figure out the reason that it dies. There is much research into telomeres and other things as a “fountain of youth” or a way to “stop the clock.” While some of these theories do hold promise, I still believe the main reason we age is because from birth we are “programmed to die.”

Many studies have been done about the powerful effects of thought, and mental conditioning, and yet not much has been done on humanity’s most widespread belief, one more common even then the belief in god. This belief is that we are “supposed” to grow old and die, a belief that is constantly reinforced with every birthday, every year generation after generation. There are conscious and subconscious reinforcements in it thru family members, friend’s television shows and various other factors. Little comments about how “after 50 your eyes start to go”, may seem harmless but are constantly bombarding us from some of the most powerful influences in our lives, year in and year out. We “believe” that we are supposed to find someone to “grow old with” and that if we live a healthy lifestyle and exercise we can live to be over 100, “live is short, so be happy”, etc. But this is limiting thought, and directly responsible for the reaction of our cells. Our brain is constantly programming our cells, from telling us to type a paper, to how to rebuild. So while we are busy looking for this “fountain of youth”, we are simultaneously programming our cells that we must find this “fountain of youth” because time is running out, and if we don’t we are going to eventually die. It was once said that trying the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity, so I suggest a radical approach to stopping the insanity of death. A programming to live, yes I believe we should have proper food, clean water, and a nontoxic environment, I believe we should work on ending humanities stressors, but I believe that we should also be heavily focused on conditioning ourselves with a new belief, one of immortality and the belief we are not going to die. To many I know that this will sound crazy or impossible and of course I cannot force anything on anyone that does not resonate with them. I can only speak from what I know inside myself and what I have seen in my over 2 decades in the health profession, but to everyone who is so quick to dismiss my theory, I ask you to remember that there was a time that the earth was flat and the sun revolved around us.




Interesting idea!

Society does program us with an inordinate amount of pure steaming manure, it’s true, so who knows?

By Ian on Jul 17, 2013 at 7:44pm

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