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Science Against Aging - Video by Maria Konovalenko

Posted: Fri, July 05, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

My name is Maria I would like to tell about a major issue into personal concern. 

It is the your personal concern, of your nearest and dearest and of all the people living on the planet. It is inevitable absolutely for everybody but surprisingly little is known about it.

It is not a common practice to talk about this problem and moreover to try to solve it. What do you think about thirty million lives, just imagine that all the people in Denmark, Austria, Finland, Israel and New Zealand all disappeared in one year would you consider that a problem?

But no one pays attention. The catastrophe happens daily. One hundred thousands deaths a day is normal.

AIDS, hunger and flu virus in terms of mortality are not even remotely comparable to the problem I would like to tell you about.

I’m talking about ageing. It is ageing that causes most diseases. It causes pain and suffering. Brings frailty and loneliness. Ageing is the main cause of death.

Nobody truly explicitly knows why is happening. There are many hypotheses. Maybe ageing is mediated by telemores shortening. Perhaps is associated with oxidative stress or cell loss or with functional changes in the biological systems of an organism. We need to learn a lot. Why animals with negligible senescence exist? Are there self destruction programs encrypted in our genome.

There are many puzzles and mysteries in the mechanisms of ageing. Equally puzzling is why the fight against ageing is not in the world’s agenda.

Are just a few people interested in why were are ageing? There plenty ideas about how to prolong life, how to prolong youth, how to make a human being potentially healthier and hence 

happier, but for that we must learn how to insure genome stability, to normalize gene expression, to influence protein turnover processes, to resist cellular aging and accumulation of damage in the cellular and extra-cellular matrix, we must learn how to restore immunity and hormonal regulation.

Grand scientific breakthroughs have already been made.  Researchers were able to program cells, to influence epigenetic regulation, to grow new organs, to significantly extended life small animals. However is the fundamental biogerontology that receives very little funding and it’s all because the most important thing is missing: there is no political will. The world is in need of a mega project for the fight against ageing. It’s the most complicated task of human history. Individuals cannot accomplish it. Scientific mobilization is needed.

Even an partial slowdown of ageing could save hundreds of millions of human lives.

It is hard to think of more on honorable political task. There are people now preparing  an expedition to Mars. I would like to propose another trip. Let’s visit the year two thousand one 

hundred. I would also like to remind Oscar Wild’s words still hold true now, “Nothing is worth doing except what the world says it’s impossible”. 

Many of the things that were once declared science fiction are reality today and it’s only up to you if you’re going to become the traveler to the future.

Let’s solve this problem together.

My name is  Maria Konovalenko and I represent the Science for Life Extension Foundation.


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