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Seeking enthusiastic longevists as salaried/invested team members

Posted: Thu, May 08, 2014 | By: Anti-Aging / Supplements

Seeking enthusiastic longevists as salaried/invested team members of project producing comprehensive scientific currently doable regimens for good health/function to age 120.

The approach of the project (in progress for almost 2 years) is based on the premise that if you embrace and practice every one of the hundreds of personal activities in every area of human health and longevity science, which research has shown in a mammalian or human study to reduce the risk of or to ameliorate one or more human diseases, disorders or dysfunctions or to actually increase healthful longevity, then you may well be able to remain in good function until 120 years of age (given that you do not have a major dysfunction or disease when you begin and that you carefully avoid unnecessary overt risks to your person and your health). This premise is based on the simple logic that if you constantly work to increase the age of onset of each and every disease, disorder and dysfunction that might become the effective cause of your death, then it is not clear that and how you will ever die (although clearly the accumulation of cellular damage is such that with currently available approaches, not all such mortalities can be indefinitely delayed).

I invite you to have a look at the summary descriptions of our approach on the website which will eventually hold all the regimens of recommendations, reasoning behind our recommendations, journal references for that reasoning and all recommendations, and client individualized regimen data, test results, etc. Note that while “registration” is not yet implemented, all top left menu pages are publicly accessible. The details of these summary regimen descriptions are being researched, organized and written on a development private wiki ( and will be transferred to Live120Plus when sufficiently complete to attract and benefit subscription clients.

At this time we are in greatest need of several more health/longevity scientific literature researchers/writers and a website developer/maintainer. However, such people must also be longevists practicing one or more scientifically based health/longevity methods and fully willing to make all their practices and health test parameters open to subscribing clients of Live120Plus, as is the case for all current team members. If you can help us to find such people, that would be greatly appreciated. We function as a team (partners and associates) with input from everyone and pay a combination of salary plus investment in the project.

If you are sufficiently interested in this project to want to know more about it, its methods and operation, then let me know and I will be happy to provide you with access to the development wiki.

You are also welcome to distribute this announcement to whomever you wish.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and any help you can provide.

—Paul Wakfer



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