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Seize Immortality for Yourself!

Posted: Mon, August 05, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

Never submit to death.  Seize immortality.  We must remind ourselves of our cause, and this video and the three below poems will guide us.

Less Limits

With less limits beings become more free,

To fly, morph, think, and change reality

All this will end when we cease to “be”

Aging is death’s guarantee

That for eternity there will be no “me”

Through engineering our bodies we must flee

Into a limitless Jubilee

The Ray of Life

Born against my will

Thrust in reality

Knowing death still

Pursuing Immortality

Is life a segment or a ray

Death is the ray that follows life

Strive to extend that segment each day

A ray is reward for my strife



Making Jesus Right

Jesus said I could live forever

I learned science and concluded “never”

Then I learned how our bodies decay

And charted a path to solve it one day

As we die on prophets give us hope

With a loss of reality few can cope

But if we found the path to eternal life

In what sense was Jesus not right?


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