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Support Life, Not War

Posted: Thu, May 23, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

by Tom Mooney

I normally do not begin newsletters or, in fact any letter, with a quote from the Bible but I found one sentence that was particularly interesting. 1 Corinthians 15:26 states,

“The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death”.

I am sure the author was not referring to indefinite life extension but at the same time he characterizes “death"as the “last enemy”. He does not refer to any metaphysical after life and portrays death as an “enemy”. If he were alive today he might have been a stalwart defender of life extension!

Quite frankly, we could use outspoken people such as the author of that wise characterization. I am shocked,appalled,saddened and outraged that we are not fighting a war on aging even though we are willing to throw away money that could be used in laboratories all over this country and instead give trillions of dollars to prop up corrupt and incompetent leaders of two countries, Iraq and Afghanistan,that will take our money but never embrace us.

I was shocked, appalled, saddened and outraged to read a report by Linda HoBilmes, a lecturer at the Harvard-Kennedy school in Boston that speculated that the aggregate costs of these two wars will be close to SIX TRILLION dollars,the most expensive war in world history! Already we have spent over two trillion and future assistance for troops left physically and psychologically damaged will account for the remaining four trillion.

By the way, that outrageous sum of money is the equivalent of 75,000 for every household!

This is the most shocking and appalling waste of money EVER! To be honest, I worked on the Obama campaign but I made a big mistake! Within the next few days I will be putting up  some petitions concerning this situation and asking that as the war winds down that we start supporting life over death. If we can throw away six trillion dollars in the middle east we can afford several billion dollars for life extension research. I will send you a message when they are posted and I hope you will sign them.



Someone called me recently and wanted to become involved in the life extension movement. I was happy and surprised and I told them what is going on in the movement and how they can help.They were not science oriented people but they wanted to help.I spoke with them for a long time and they finally agreed that they would start a small group and communicate with their elected officials and I informed them I would help them anyway I can.

This is how a movement builds and this is something we need to do as as soon as possible.

I am quite aware that many people who read this are not political activists but, quite frankly, that does not matter. Progress is being made in the laboratories and now it is time to organize politically. I am very aware that many people do not like like politics,and you are not alone. If you would like to become involved, contact me at:

I will show you how easy it is. WE WILL PREVAIL BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Finally, I thought that I would mention a few important things you could do to in order to become involved:

1-start a small group

2-Let us know your ideas

3-sign petitions

4-Write your elected officials

5-send an E-mail to your Congressman

6-Call me if you need help 202-445-4876

Please get involved, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!


In Life, Tom Mooney

Executive Director, Coalition to Extend Life


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