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Taking on obstacles like death is humanity’s nature

Posted: Sun, July 21, 2013 | By: MILE

Can the ant help but build the mound, the bee the honeycomb, the bird the nest? Like them, like most if not all creatures, we can’t help but innovate things that are available to us. I don’t see that we could if we tried. That is what humans do, it is natural that humans expand their horizons. 

Indefinite life extensionist and futurist Ray Kurzweil asks us why we should define humans by their limitations rather than their ability to supersede them, and I concur with that thought. 

Why long for a shot at being alive indefinitely into the future of it all, rather than not? Why not just live a normal life of childhood exploration, school, work, family, recreation and retirement - then reserve a burial plot and arrange for somebody to dump our remains into it like most people? 

When you can progress, it is natural to. When a healthy seedling is laying at the right point in the soil, and moisture and sunlight reach it, it doesn’t decide whether or not it wants to sprout, it cannot help but sprout. What healthy newborn doesn’t walk and take up speech? When their teachers open those doors, they don’t choose to go through. They go through because they must. They can’t help but harness opportunities that are available to them. The prokaryotes didn’t make their way to becoming fish, and then the fish didn’t start to walk on land just so they could have land-fish races, they kept transcending.

When the boundaries of the frontiers are able to be moved back further, then we don’t let the opportunity go to waste. A creature of contrivance doesn’t resign itself to the box it is in if it knows that it is in the box (another reason for presenting people with “Existences Big Picture Big 8 Categories and Standalone Opportunities”). Filling the spaces and aptitudes that we can is an essential part of what it means to exist. Sometimes others lead the way to these spaces and aptitudes, sometimes we stumble upon them and sometimes we have to use our senses, and think, to find them. We have evolved into natural innovators and we can be proactive pioneers. 

Every creature that I’ve ever seen, that wasn’t trained otherwise, that was put in a cage or aquarium, has relentlessly tried to get out. Once one finds and shows the way, then the others go through or figure it out. The builders of the first libraries weren’t among the only small groups to ever populate their isles. Christopher Columbus and his crews were not among a few Europeans to ever dine in the Americas. Lewis &  Clark were not the only settlers to cross the trails to the Pacific coast. Jenner, Pasteur and Koch were not among the only few to harness the powers of science and extrapolate its potentials. 

We aren’t rubbing sticks together and searching for animals with stone axes anymore. We contemplated and continue to contemplate the edges of the camps, dreaming up creative ways to continue expanding what we have in every way.

Human willpower, like rivers, chisels through mountains of any size. The river of human willpower has been and continues to surge forward, growing stronger as it batters the walls of death. Our species is in the business of knocking down challenges. We can’t shy away from them, we don’t know how. It’s not in our blood. Our genes will not allow us to. We have battled obstacles for eons until we made it through when we had to. 

We take on death and work for indefinite life extension because we can’t help it. We have to. If you haven’t started supporting it yet, you will. 


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