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The movement for indefinite life extension is a once in a lifetime grand challenge

Posted: Fri, November 22, 2013 | By: MILE

Let’s say that it is the middle ages and there are 12 groundbreaking papers and volumes that outline the details of how to make space shuttles, radios, electricity, engines, solar power, the printing press, computers, the internet and airplanes. They went into great detail about every year of history in every part of the world for the previous 100,000 years, had how to stop infectious diseases, and how to cure cancer. We don’t know how the papers got there, but everybody knows that they exist somewhere, and the peasants, knights, trade smiths and all of the middle ages haven’t found them. 

These documents sit hidden among a pile of boulders on top of a volcano that goes off every so many thousand years. How important is it that they be found? Is it not at all important? What reasons could there possibly be to want to get those papers off that volcano? How important would it be to get them or not? Isn’t it better that those peasants across time paid attention to the rows of their plowed fields, the details of their songs and stitches of their clothing? Wasn’t it better for a family to carve themselves a nice set of mahogany chairs, talk about their neighbors and things like that? Wouldn’t modern day people be better off paying attention to work, sports and social activities rather than thinking about looking for those papers? 

As we know, finding them would be crucial to things like space exploration, effective world communication, storing and sorting mass quantities of knowledge and transporting products around the world to have the ability to build and sustain great things like cities and harbors. They would save millions upon millions of lives, long into the future. They would allow us to circumvent polluting the earth with fossil fuels. We would have the power to harness unlimited energy, which alone would dramatically expand our horizons. They would teach us deep, deep lessons and insights, power our tools and lights, light up our libraries and schools and allow us to fill millions of libraries instead of hundreds. Our messages and voices would travel on the waves between the atoms. Those things help the human condition transcend and help us pioneer life and the universe. They are important, that is true. Of course, we did find most of those 12 metaphorical papers and volumes. Praise be to life. 

Those discoveries pale in comparison to the importance of achieving indefinite life extension, of getting the recipe to curing aging, general diseases and other forms of death, off of our new volcano top. If we don’t find the indefinite life extension papers, the volcano that is your grave will eat them away from us by eating us, and swallow those 12 other papers and volumes that we have already found by erasing your human potential.  It will swallow up the recipe for the universe and spit its ash out into the abyss with the remains of your obliterated soul. The sun will go down on you forever and the universe will disappear. 

People alive today have a unique, once in the history of time chance to get those indefinite life extension papers off of the volcano. This is truly a big, epic saga. The Vikings would die to ride these seas. Alexander the Great only wishes that he had the chance to ride across this great mile. Augustus was a bellhop compared to an indefinite life extension activist. 

We, you, most of the industrialized world and then some, have to do what it takes to get this done. This is really dire and there is a lot at stake. 

We remember how in World War II, people banded together because of that tremendous struggle. That wasn’t half as urgent as the movement for indefinite life extension. In this cause that the movement for indefinite life extension fights for, a million people die every single week, year in and year out. During the second World War, they had war bonds and rationing coupons, they had iron drives that depleted the iron gravestones, farm machinery, pots and pans, fencing and everything else. 


Saving aluminum cans meant more ammunition for the soldiers. Economizing initiatives seemed endless as Americans were urged to conserve and recycle metal, paper and rubber. War bonds and stamps were sold to provide war funds, and the American people also united through volunteerism. Communities joined together to hold scrap-iron drives, and schoolchildren pasted saving stamps into bond books.

Others planted “Victory Gardens” to conserve food. For a small investment in soil, seed and time, families could enjoy fresh vegetables for months. By 1945, an estimated 20 million victory gardens produced approximately 40 percent of America’s vegetables. (source)

You could not wake up in the morning without being compelled to help that urgent cause. Skirts got shorter to bring more material to the front lines and silk stockings all but disappeared to help with things like the parachute material that heroes used to descend upon the enemy. When is the last time you rationed so you could do something comparable to a jump out of an airplane over hostile territory for the movement for indefinite life extension? 

They sacrificed for a cause. They made the climb and brought victory out of that catastrophe. 

This here catastrophe of eternal obliteration, to all, needs that kind of support, and it needs it right now. Don’t wait and join the expeditions when everybody else already has. This isn’t the time to be hesitant and meek about things. This is a time for decisiveness, courage and sacrifice. Be a leader and start guiding people to the front lines of this cause right now. 

Vital life and death initiatives that need you and your communities are lined up at the movement for indefinite life extension page (Facebook). The current main organizations and networks that are working directly or indirectly toward indefinite life extension are listed in the one page information section, and the page is updated on multitudes of new or ongoing projects, individual initiatives and organizations that are marching forward to victory over death.

Get involved with any of these important places, to name a few: 

  • Fight Aging
  • Longecity
  • SENS Foundation
  • Methuselah Foundation
  • Campaign Against Aging
  • Coalition to Extend Life
  • Maximum Life Foundation
  • Lifeboat Foundation
  • Singularity Network
  • Foresight Institute
  • Cryonics Network

Every small action that you take adds up and has the potential to inspire many more. I see small actions adding up every day, from an event that draws another critical small wave of interest, to a related book on the cause that inspires a new person to inquire further, to an ambitious group of resource lacking researchers getting more new people to come out of the woodwork and step up to donate their small but priceless contributions. This is the cause of all of humanity, and so a little from everybody takes us the whole distance. 

We don’t have any time to waste. The grim reaper is busy laying siege to your tissues and organs, and compromising your defenses right now. Death is hunting you and everybody that you know at this very moment. The Bismarck is in the water and it’s on its way. The Kamikazes have been decimating us, and there are more, constantly more swarms of them on the way. The damage in and around the cells and tissues of your body have declared war on you and they are dragging you down. Its vicious, its malicious, don’t stand for it. 

Join us in helping find those papers, those victory cures, those keys to life on the mountain top of one of these thinkers mountains. Don’t take your life for granted, start thinking about it. Figure out what you want to do to help, and join us. We need you. We desperately need you to help. Please, I dont want to die, I dont want anybody else to die, and the universe is far too mind-blowing to allow fixable cellular machinery and other forms of death to push us off of this grand stage of life. 


Great post! I hope a lot of people read it!!!

By Tom Mooney on Nov 22, 2013 at 2:02pm

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