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The Pink Atheist podcast needs your support to keep going

Posted: Sat, December 28, 2013 | By: Religion / Atheism

By Rachel Johnson 

I have put up a campaign at Indigogo. I am looking forward to the new year, and want to keep the special project of mine going: The Pink Atheist. I started it about a year and four months ago. Since then I have had over 146,000 listens. That many people can’t be wrong, I would hope. 

I started the podcast because people enjoyed what I was doing and wanted more from me. At first I was intrepidatious about doing this project. I had never done a podcast before and wasn’t sure how I would sound on air to people. 

With the help from a friend, I got everything set up. I was going to do thirty min every week on some topic. The fist show happened, and we quickly found that thirty min is not enough to say those things that were on our minds. 

We began by talking about hot button issues, things that were setting people on fire, and they wanted to hear voices like theirs express their utter frustration. We did that with people and for people. It became a forum where people were coming to hear the passion, hear the empathy, and feel like they were not alone in the world. 

Then we grew to two hours. We got people like Blar Scott to come on the show, and then David Silverman, and Tombstone Da Deadman, next it was Shelley Segal. We were moving forward in a pace no one expected. 

Then we added Phil Ferguson of Skeptic money and he brought with him many new voices and perspectives. We had Ed Cobbs who did a weekly report on Mars and what was new with the rover. Then we added Leewood Thomas from Little Rock Arkansas.

The show grew to have about two thousand listens per week, all while I juggled college and work. I was amazed at what was happening. It was a wonderful forum, and I got to talk to people from all over the world, humanist and Atheist alike. Then we had Paul Provenza on the show and it was amazing. 

Over the last year I have had so many great times. It has been a fun and charming show to do, and I love speaking with people who are out there working to make the world a better place, like I am. There are more amazing people working in activism than I can count on ten hands. 

Now that the new year is coming, it is time to pay for the show to keep playing on. After all, it costs money to run a show. Most of that is the hosting of the show. Then there is getting a web site and keeping it going, so in the future people can just find us and experience who we have had on the show. So I set up a fundraiser on Indigogo. 

Here is the break down of the costs. It is $40.00 per month for the show. That is the lowest package that you can get on Blogtalk. But that takes care of having to work out everything and drive traffic. The Pink Atheist is already a featured show, because it has had so many visitors. 

The website, well, I am sure it would be cheap to buy one, but I don’t have the skills to set it up and keep up with it. So I would have to pay someone to take care of that, and have support to take care of it. I want it built with resources for the listeners on hand so that they can enjoy it. 

I set the funding way over what I need, so that when they take their fees, it would still be enough to cover both of those. The fact is, living the college life doesn’t make a lot of room for extra expenses. I want to keep doing this, but it doesn’t fit my budget to pay for it all alone, and while I love it, it is something that I have to make serious choices about. 

I want to fund this, because it is a good service to my community. It makes me feel like I get to help people find their voice in me. That I am helping get the word out that atheists are here to stay. That we care about the world we live in, and that we are a part of our communities, states, and most of all this Nation. 

We have had activists on from local, to national, to global. We care deeply about what the future is for all of us, so if you can help, please do. Anything that you can do to support us would be great. From sharing the link, to giving a donation, no matter how little or much. 

There is a need out there for voices to speak. We are now on Sirus Radio, because I have hooked up with Secularite Magazine as a writer, so we need to keep that voice out there and growing. The Pink Atheist is a voice for the future of atheism. Please don’t let it fade into the background. 

Thank you, to my community. 

Much love,



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