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The rat race can wait, the universe is calling

Posted: Wed, December 25, 2013 | By: MILE

We are sentient beings in a void of mystery, with growing, explosive tools like technology and science, and yet so many people can still be convinced to trade in their ticket for 80 years of musical electric chairs, of running in circles to continuously maintain food, shelter and festivities. 

Our pants are designed to rip so we can run back and make some more. Our structures are in need of constant repair and yet there are buildings that still stand after thousands of years. We work for hours per day in order to have food, but last I checked a few carrots can be pulled out of the ground and washed off within a couple of minutes. 

Wasting time like that isn’t even hidden. People come right out and say, if the pants didn’t rip then people would be out of jobs. What they are really saying is that if pants didn’t rip then it would be too hard for most people to be able to figure out what to do with themselves. If the roofs didn’t start leaking every 20 years and cars didn’t rust out, then what would the carpenters and mechanics do? What would we do with ourselves if we didn’t have to do things like save up to pay them over and over again, and continuously redo and re-secure everything?  If we had more gardens and sensibly made food, then what would the thousands of people watching fryer basket timers do with their time? 

There are no good reasons why our pants have to rip and our structures need to be so temporary. There is no reason why we have to keep millions of people engaged in making food, so we can make them some new pants, so we can trade increments of wasted time. As we speak, there are more people manufacturing custom cell phone covers than there are activists and researchers working to see about stopping death from devouring us. 

Make your own sandwich, make the goods and wares right, put the walls up so they stay put, and get down to the real business of life. For the love of life, you probably only have one shot at it all, what are you wasting it for? Death is not a joke. You will miss out on incredible things when you are dead. You throw away the chance to let the universe blow your mind in successive series after series of never ending enlightenment and experience when you waste time. 

Much of ancient Rome and Greece still stands. A pair of army pants that were already old when I got them 20 years ago still have less rips in them than the ones I bought at the store 8 months ago. When I walk outside, there are empty lawns with no gardens, packed into the city. The inhabitants are at factories making carrots more complicated than they have to be. I mean, sure, I enjoy a complicated carrot here and there. We can put some time into this kind of stuff, but step back and look at the big picture of it. We can’t do it if it’s at the expense of the extrapolation of the mysteries of all the various facets of the big picture of what it means for us rare sentient beings to exist here in this vast, hard to explain wonderland. Life, the future, what humans mean to the universe as a whole and all the parts and facets within, they are the priority. They come first. 

We’ll all die while playing musical electric chairs with trivialities if we don’t think this through and get a grip on ourselves.

We need that million person army of fryer basket attendants to invest the largest percent of that time that they can bring themselves to, into the movement for indefinite life extension. The car at the speaker in the drive through has an order, and its report to the movement for indefinite life extension for duty.  To many other people, build that stuff to last so we can get more of those resources secured, and then get the hell in here and help us get this job done. 

The rat race can wait. The universe is calling. Join in and invite everybody you know. 


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