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Silicon Valley Transhumanist establishes “Resurrection Groups” 

Posted: Wed, November 28, 2012 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

by Jason Xu

My idea is to have an H+ community where people enjoy music, art, literature, games and other forms of media-related transhumanism, and socially bond over those forms of media in the form of a community. Ideally, this community would comprise of both young and old people. The old people - wanting to be cryonically-preserved - will be able to depend on the young people to remember them, preserve their memories, and seek to revive them, in future “resuscitations.” 

When the young people get old they’ll depend on new young people to support them as well, and to revive them if resurrection technology becomes available.

Pay It Forward
Pay It Forward

At the present time, what I’ve set up is a Facebook group called the “Live Forever Fellowship.” I’ve created many “Longevity Memes” and “Immortality memes” that are available to look at there. Eventually I will also make music videos that are related to transhumanism and life extension, and I’ll put those on the site too. I want to use expressive arts so that people can enjoy transhumanism.

I will also soon set up a website, with the domain name  The site will have a forum, and I will notify people of its presence through an email list that I am building up, via Terasem and Longevity Party contacts.

In my groups, the old people will enormously benefit knowing that the young people are going to revive them. Many old people worry that when they get revived after cryonics they’re going to be in an unknown place. They’re worried that they are going to be afraid and alone in a new world. My organization removes all of that - it allows resuscitated people in the future to be reconnected to everybody from their old group, so that the new life in the new world won’t be as stressful.

My “Golden Rule” plan is named after the message of Jesus Christ that says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We should dedicate ourselves to resurrecting those who die before us, our ancestors, so that the favor can be returned to us, if we die before immortality is attained. 

My organization is very closely modeled on religious fellowships - I belonged to a Christian Fellowship group for 18 months. Christians pay tribute to their ancestors when they say, “I’ll meet my grandfather in heaven after I die.” They anticipate reunions with their friends and family members in the afterlife. My group does the same thing, but it will work irrespective of if there is a God or not.

The Christian Fellowship group I joined in college had a special bond between members because we all believed in the same book. We had a connection between us through our religion that normal friendships don’t have. Another great element I would like to retain from the Christian groups is singing songs about revival and resurrection, even using the Christian hymns but changing the words slightly.

For cryonically-suspended people, returning to life will also be like going to heaven, they will wake up in a world with amazing future technology, and perhaps encounter transhuman beings that are like angels to them.

At the meetings, I would also like there to be scientific discussions, talking about cryonics, progress, technology, so that we could continue to drive technology forward as fast as possible. I wold recommend that everyone in the groups set up cryonics and mindfiles for themselves, for preservation of their data.

The groups would be a spectrum of sizes.  There would be small gropes of 8-10 people, for personal bonding. There would also be larger 50-100 person groups that would meet on a less regular basis. 

My idea for this organizational mission and structure owes a lot to Nikolai Fedorov, the 19th century Russian Cosmist philosopher. He was a Christian but he believed it was mankind’s duty to resurrect the dead, our ancestors. He called it the “Common Task.” He defined it as bringing back to life all the souls that had ever existed, through resuscitation.


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