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Posted: Thu, August 01, 2013 | By: MILE

Thinking is profoundly fulfilling and transcending when done right. The thoughts that you keep coursing through your head throughout the days are the controllers of the robotic limbs you have attached to you that form and shape the world around them. Just one robot, just one person, you, can shape the world in big or small ways.

Wernher von Brauns neurons caused his limbs to help us get to the moon faster. If Charles Martel hadn’t hammered back the Muslim invasions that came at the height of the power of the Ummayad Empire, the largest Empire on the planet since the fall of the Roman Empire a few hundred years before it, if not for Martel thinking about and understanding the growing danger in the Muslim threat and routing his efforts from his Saxon feuds, the Muslim world might have conquered all of Europe. If the Armenians and the Persians hadn’t kept the Romans at bay to the East, and Armenius before them in the North, then how far might the plague of Christianity have eventually spread at the sword tips of Charlemagne’s superstition powered dominions? Where ignorance is put down, intellectualism wins.  

What additional solid grips of trained willful ignorance and propensity for use of fallacy with reckless abandon might the destructively viral meme of religion have had on us today? What kind of pioneering human transcendence would take place in a world with assertion of as-of -yet still not proven beyond a reasonable doubt, supernaturalism and superstition, comprising a great deal of its foundation? It doesn’t compose the foundation of the one I stand on or those of most of the people that I associate with, and we have thinking to thank, in very large part, for that. Millions of pioneers and builders owe their amazing opportunities to thinking. 

After people used their ingenuity to move us all into agriculture, and more time was bought for everybody, the great thinkers and philosophers of the early Greek States and others, laid the groundwork that powered the series of innovations that would come at increasing paces, from many parts of the world, for centuries to come. The increasing precision in ship and castle building, the manuscripts written, inventions created - from the clock to the printing press - from the lighter than air machine to the Space Shuttle, thinking is responsible for the transcendence of the human condition.

People are part of world changing projects all the time. There are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people around the world working to make a difference, working to pioneer the boundaries of human existence and understanding, everyday. They toil to uncover the mystery, to fight back the plagues of misery that sweep the world in the forms of things like poverty, disease, pollution, greed, selfishness, the various unnecessarily restrictive confines of fallacy, lack of reasoning skills like an understanding of how to spot fallacy out of thinking and discussion, etc. You can too. We can all follow their lead. Continuously work to improve your thinking, encourage people to think right, keep up the brain work for yourself and to help lead the way. Continue learning, continue pushing your boundaries, continue working to understand more. Go further. Do it to see and do more, to understand more of the big picture of what is going on in this incredible, amazing universe and existence. Think. 


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