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Third Annual International Protest Against Hereditary Religion - getting involved

Posted: Mon, November 11, 2013 | By: Religion / Atheism

The International Protest Against Hereditary Religion held its second annual 24 hour online protest on January 20th, earlier this year in 2013. Planning for the third annual protest is starting to come together now. If you are so inclined then please consider joining. 

The event grew from a variety of participants in a yahoo group during its first year, to a live 24 hour broadcast with some internationally known speakers, dozens of volunteers and participants, and thousands of viewers on computer screens around the world in its second. 

It was written about in the Examiner, Richard Dawkins and Rational Argumentator websites, and groups like the Atheism United Headquarters, among others. Participants came from places around the world like Lebanon, Jamaica and the US. There were a variety of discussion sessions mixed in among the presentations, with hosts and talks with live callers. I was also part of the event, helping with a variety of aspects of the setup and production. 

The timing of this event is great, the air last year was electric. The online protest against hereditary religion, being on the 20th, came during the US’s national Day of Service, which honors the great activist Martin Luther King Jr. Being 2012, it was also the 50th anniversary of the march on Washington and I Have a Dream. The following day on the 21rst was the second inauguration of President Barack Obama, which was a living, live, tangible manifestation of that dream that unified activists around the country and across time to march forward to victory that day. The inauguration was the culmination of a massive statement from the tireless work of dedicated supporters and activists who helped turn out the vote. I had never seen such a tremendous showing of activism from different causes around the world before. It was a truly inspiring and uplifting time. 

Organizing of this year’s event has already garnered more interest and support in its initial planning discussions. I believe this event is prepped to grow again this year. It is a great time to get involved with another good atheist/agnostic project.  

From the 3rd Annual International Protest Against Hereditary Religion – Press Release

For Immediate Release

Vulnerable naive children all over the world are routinely consigned by their parents to faith organizations to be groomed as members of the parent’s faith. Toddlers are led into religious houses of worship and surrounded by hundreds and perhaps even thousands of emotional adherents. The experience often overwhelms and frightens children who have no way of processing what is happening. Most adults commonly encounter difficulty understanding supernatural bizarre religious ideas and rituals. Accordingly, children can suffer emotional trauma and anxiety as a result of practices fostered by the cultural acceptance of endorsing hereditary religion. 

Universally, civil authorities are oblivious to the way the practice violates a child’s human rights and the emotional damage it can inflict. Although civil libertarians have long objected to childhood indoctrination, perpetrators unfailingly offer the defense of free will. They argue a child is always free to choose a different faith, or no faith, when they reach their majority, (usually 18 years), and leave the family home. This is an incoherent argument because determined and repeated efforts are made during the child’s formative years to insure they will never leave the faith. Furthermore, recent brain science research reveals conclusively that constant repetition of the same inputs to the brain results in permanent neuronal configurations that are nearly impervious to change without great difficulty. Moreover, leading researchers increasingly question the age old assumption that free will is a fact. Instead, they assert that free will is a convenient illusion. 

Rigorous and prolonged religious grooming that happens to children before their brains are completely developed can shape their thought processes for life. Such abuse ignores children’s human right to an open future free of wanton manipulation and interference and can set them on a path of rigid dogmatism.   

On January 20, 2014 the third annual international protest against hereditary religion will take place involving thousands of participants around the world. The event is being staged in cyberspace and will feature a virtual rally stage with nationally recognized presenters exploring the protest themes and leading real time discussions using internet communication resources. The event announcement is on facebook.

Let nothing thwart a child from achieving personal autonomy. 

For more information:

Spokesperson: Richard Collins

End Hereditary Religion

Web site:


This is a great post Eric. Thanks for all you do.

By Richard Collins on Nov 14, 2013 at 8:18am


By Lance A Sievert on Dec 08, 2013 at 3:58pm

Thank you Richard!

By Lance A Sievert on Jan 23, 2014 at 2:13am

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