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This List of 30 Billionaires - Which One Will End Aging and Death?

Posted: Sat, January 26, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

by Hank Pellissier

A recent essay by David Kekich of the Maximum Life Foundation intrigued me. It’s titled, “The Most Important Person in the World Will be Whoever Donates $5 Billion to Defeat Aging and Death”

What startled me was just how cheap that price tag is!  $5 Billion… ? Surely, that little sum can’t be a serious obstacle, can it?

I contacted David Kekich via email and asked him how he arrived at that figure, he replied: “It’s a calculation derived from various inputs from researchers. A breakdown should be somewhere on the MaxLife site.”

Another aging expert, Marios Krysiazis, commented that he thought the $5 price was too high, he believed it was probably just $3-$4 billion.

Of course, I was even more dumbfounded. A few billion dollars… that’s just pennies to spend for large governments. Of course that might be complicated, what with war budgets and all - but there’s also dozens of individuals who have enough cash to entirely pay that amount all by themselves.

So.. why don’t they?  They don’t want to die, of course not, they have enough cash to enjoy hundreds of additional years.

(On the same day, I saw another news article that claimed the entire problem of poverty could also be alleviated for approximately the same amount.)

I wandered over to and checked out who had enough dough to keep me going forever. Turns out it’s quite a long list; there’s literally hundreds of incredibly rich men and women who could guarantee humanity radically long lives. I decided to trim the list down, to only the Top 30 - below are the Midas moguls who would only have to spend a small fraction of their savings to end aging and death.

i am hoping someone who reads this knows someone on the list and can cajole him or her into giving me - and you - some additional decades or centuries of life. Personally, my only connection to this crowd is I know someone who sees Sergey Brin every year at Burning Man. I’ll have her mention my request to him next September…

Out of all the contenders here for our future “Liberator from Aging” - I think Michael Bloomberg is most promising. He’s got the cash, he likes a high profile, and he’s 70 years old - what’s he waiting for? If anyone bumps into him, mention this, please?  I’d appreciate it. Tell him to email me - our lives depend on it!

I have also purchased a lot of books from Jeff Bezos, so he owes me…

Carlos Slim Helu & family  $69 Billion  72 years old

Bill Gates  $61 B   57 years old


Warren Buffett  $44 B   82 years old

Bernard Arnault  $41 B   63 years old

Amancio Ortega  $37.5 B  76 years old

Larry Ellison  $36 B  68 years old

Eike Batista  $30 B   56 years old

Stefan Persson  $26 B  65 years old

Li Ka-shing  $25.5 B  84 years old

Karl Albrecht  $25.4 B  92 years old

Christy Walton & family  $25.3 B  58 years old

Charles Koch  $25 B  77 years old

David Koch  $25 B  72 years old

Sheldon Adelson  $24.9 B  79 years old

Liliane Bettencourt  $24 B  90 years old

Jim Walton  $23.7 B  65 years old

Alice Walton  $23.3 B  63 years old

S. Robson Walton $23.1 B  69 years old

Mukesh Ambani $22.3 B  55 years old

Michael Bloomberg  $22 B   70 years old

Lakshmi Mittal  $20.7 B  62 years old

George Soros  $20 B  82 years old 

Michele Ferrero & family  $19 B  86 years old

Sergey Brin  $18.7 B   39 years old


Larry Page  $18.7 B  39 years old

Jeff Bezos  $18.4 B  49 years old

Thomas & Raymond Kwok & family  $18.3 B

Alisher Usmanov  $18.1 B  59 years old

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud  $18 B  57 years old

Lee Shau Kee  $18 B   84 years old


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