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Transhumanism and genders conflict

Posted: Fri, May 30, 2014 | By: Transhumanism

I observed, in a discussion about genders in one post, a lack of futuristic imagination and lack of meaningful knowledge in biology!

Those who are genuinely literate in evolutionary biology/psychology know that the two genders live in an biologically unsolvable contradiction. They both need to cooperate and create bonds with each other in order to not only reproduce but also jointly bring up their children. At the same time, they have conflicting reproductive strategies. Males main strategy for maximizing reproductive success is to try to impregnate as many females as possible (but may include also looking after the children of a preferred female). So, males main reproductive strategy is mainly about QUANTITY.

Since human females cannot impregnate males but only get impregnated by one and only once each 9 months plus lactation period, they try to compensate this disadvantage by making a tough sexual selection on men. They try to select the best male possible to be impregnated by. Usually, it is a male with greater amount of survival resources (food, shelter, money, etc) and with higher social status. So females use QUALITY as strategy.

However, since there are all sort of mutations, some of them affect exactly the genes for these reproductive strategies, hence some few mutant individuals are exceptions to these common reproductive strategies.

Because most men try to use mostly the promiscuous strategy (quantity), which can cause a dispersion of their survival resources to several women, it conflicts with their long-relationship-woman’s interest which would like those resources to be exclusive to her and her children. So, conflict is almost unavoidable in most cases. Another consequent conflict is that it generates ideologies of domination and manipulation. Some men try to subdue women through patriarchism and some women try to dominate men through matriarchism. And these are just few of the possible conflicts due to differences in reproductive strategies between genders. To talk about all of them, I should write a essay or a book.

Furthermore, most people are so indoctrinated into believing that everything is determined by culture and ideology that they either fail to understand the influence of genes in human behavior or they do not accept it (it clashes with their mummified beliefs and petrified ideological dogmas).

So, let’s talk about futuristic solutions to these, up to now, mostly unsolvable conflicts between genders. In order to do this, one has to mentally break his instinctive and cultural stereotypes, tame them and elevate his thoughts well above his/her instincts and social norms. Well, if you are capable of that you may understand my solutions instead of freaking out about them.

One of the solutions for eliminating this big conflict between genders is to eliminate the division of human species in two genders.

And how to do it ?

It can ONLY be achieved when every baby, in the future, will be accurately genetically programmed in a specialized lab and developed in an advanced artificial womb.

In the future we could either reprogram both human genitalia and sexual behavior to be genderless. And there are two solutions for it : 1) creating only one gender ( either male or female or neither [ asexual humans ] ) or 2) creating all individuals with two sexes ( hermaphroditism ).

Observation: when I said “asexual humans” it means only humans without reproductive genitalia but not necessarily without sexual drive and sexual behavior. It would be stupid to eliminate such huge source of existential pleasure as sexual orgasm.

So, such solutions would create an asexual, homosexual -or- a bisexual society ( not only in behavior but also in genitalia [ like snails and other animals]).

However, there is a third solution that would NOT change the anatomical division between genders ( we would continue having different genitalia and body shapes ) but we could reprogram out reproductive instincts in order to eliminate the conflicts that they cause between genders. Both, men and women could genetically eliminate their CONFLICTING REPRODUCTIVE STRATEGIES and use sex only for orgasmic pleasure ( since reproduction will be totally made in a lab ).

By the way, if we acquire biological immortality, reproduction itself would not be necessary anymore ( with the exception, perhaps, for populating other planets ). Nevertheless, in this solution, the perception of body differences and consequent physical disadvantages resulting from these differences may still cause some residual conflicts.

The problem is that, currently, specific and strong sexual instincts and the psychology and behavior in each gender would cause in most people an aversion to these solutions ( and make some people even to freak out and prefer that the old conflict between genders persist forever ) even though they, in the future, could be genetically reprogrammed to find these new sexual paradigms normal and even highly desirable.

Very few people are capable to see things well above their instincts, social norms and ideological beliefs. So, probably most people, even “wannabe transhumanists” are not prepared to break their mental mold and have a eagle’s high sight about this problem.

by Efstratios Filippidis


interesting and its true i guess. but i feel that men i’ve known have been more monogamous than women who are in fact more promiscuous.  which is ironic. just something to think about.  every girl i have ever been with cheated on me and craved multiple partners.  most males i know have similar experiences.

By foodforthought on Jun 01, 2014 at 12:53am

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