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Venturists Cryonics Event Announcement: Begin to become Transhuman

Posted: Fri, March 28, 2014 | By: Cryonics

From the Venturists


Begin to become Transhuman

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication in 1964 of The Prospect of Immortality, by Robert Ettinger, the book which started the cryonics movement. If you want to find the best information from authoritative sources about the current and foreseeable state of the cryonics movement as of this year, you have an excellent opportunity this coming November. The Society for Venturism is announcing its second Cryonics Convention at Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort in Laughlin, Nevada, to be held on November 7, 8 and 9, 2014 at the Resort’s Starview Room, a conference facility which offers a panoramic view of the Colorado River and the desert mountains beyond. The Starview Room also has space for the attendees’ dining and for exhibition tables.

The convention will feature speakers who will discuss developments of interest to cryonicists, transhumanists, futurists and life extensionists. Some scientists who work in cryobiology and in the science of aging will report on their cutting-edge research. Other speakers representing Alcor, the Cryonics Institute and the newer cryonics organizations will report about developments at their respective organizations. Yet other speakers with long involvement in cryonics will discuss the history and philosophy of the cryonics movement on its 50th anniversary, the movement’s current status, and where we would like to see it go in the coming years. And Mr. Laughlin himself will appear to take questions from the audience about anything, which he will answer with his humor and shrewd business sense, just like he did at last year’s convention. The Society for Venturism will publish a list of speakers and their presentations in about a month at the Venturists’ website:

Venturists' Cryonics Convention - 2013 Laughlin, Nevada
Venturists’ Cryonics Convention - 2013 Laughlin, Nevada

Mr. Don Laughlin, a longtime cryonicist, has worked with the Society for Venturism to make the convention very convenient and affordable. The registration fee, payable to the Society for Venturism, is only $75. You have to reserve your own room accommodations through the Riverside Resort (details to be announced) at special low rates by mentioning that you are coming to the convention. Mr. Laughlin has arranged to provide all the meals for the attendees at special discounted rates inside the Starview Room so that you don’t have to go down to the busy casino for your meals. The Starview Room also has a cash bar to provide beverages.

Attendees who have appropriate products or services they would like to offer or sell to cryonicists – books, T-shirts, supplements, CD’s, magazines, etc. - will also be able to reserve free table space at the convention.

So mark your calendars in November for this event, and keep on the lookout for the updated information about the convention at the Venturists’ website, If you would like more information, email Mark Plus, Secretary of the Society for Venturism at You can also call him at (928) 273-8451.


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